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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Ch. 28: Deception up and AWAY!]

Okay, Xanthe, notes taken. =3 I'll fix them later after I have my exam. =x

I really shouldn't be on here right now...

Originally Posted by Lunar Latias
“Oh yes,”
And that's fine with it just like that. I checked other books, and they don't always have a comma there. =3

Originally Posted by Lunar Latias
And for a second as he smiled, the throbbing in his head dimmed.
That doesn't need a semi-colon, either. It would, though, if I took out the 'as'.

For Rye's animal side I kinda meant his bad side...made sense to me. xD

Thanks. Oh...Dash makes you think of a Weavile? xD Well it's still part of the family, so eh. Think of him that way if you want. xD Yeah. What didn't you like about Rye's reaction? And I'd go more into them, but they're not really needed for the storyline. It's long enough as it is. ^^' And, hang on. You LIKE Darkrai? XD Whatever did I do to get someone to like a villian? Haha! That's good, actually! n___n


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