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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

Bob told his Gengar to use an Attract on Wobbuffet, which was probably a relatively good idea. So long as the Pokemon didn’t see through Gengar’s attack, though, and slap her with an Encore like he had tried to do with Togekiss.

After acknowledging her command, Gengar turned to face her opponent and smiled in a way Gengar don’t normally smile. It was a sort of alluring, flattering smile that held just a tiny hint of naughtiness in it. The Ghost lidded her eyes and pursed out her lips, looking sexily pouty. Wobbuffet shifted a little at these advances, seemingly unsure of what to do. His tail twitched on the cave floor, then jerked up and came back down with a loud slap. It was like he was trying to distract himself from the wiles of his foe, but was losing the battle.

Gengar, sensing the other was quickly losing ground, floated into the air and, without a sound, levitated over to Wobbuffet. When she reached him she bent down so her face was level with her foe’s, and then she gave the blue Pokemon a cute, teasing peck on the cheek.

Wobbuffet, had he been an Ice Pokemon, would have melted on the spot.

Despite being Attracted, though, the battle was nowhere near won. Bob would have to play his cards very carefully to keep this plan from backfiring on him. Wobbuffet, while only being capable of a few moves, weren’t nearly as predictable as one might think.


-Jolly Female Gengar: 100%
-? Male Wobbuffet: 100% [Attracted]


Trainer Stats:

Name: Bob Miller
Money: 2,000
Location: Meteor Valley

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining: 9
Type Repellent (Dark)

Pokemon Stats:
- Jolly Female Gengar (Thunderbolt ; Explosion ; Taunt ; Sludge Bomb ; Will-o-Wisp ; HP Dragon ; Substitute ; Attract ; Psych Up ; Toxic ; Protect ; Energy Ball ; Snatch ; Focus Punch ; Psychic ; Torment ; Counter ; Ice Punch ; Rest ; Giga Drain ; Focus Blast ; Sleep Talk ; Fire Punch ; Skill Swap ; Trick Room ; Icy Wind) <Levitate Ability> [Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle]

- Gentle Female Togekiss (Flamethrower ; HP Psychic ; Thunder Wave ; Shadow Ball ; Attract ; Water Pulse ; Protect ; Roost ; Shock Wave ; Psychic ; Grass Knot ; Double Team ; Substitute ; Psych Up ; Fire Blast ; Reflect ; Light Screen ; Toxic ; Nasty Plot ; Psycho Shift ; Counter ; Tri-Attack ; Trick) <Serene Grace Ability>

- Jolly Genderless Bronzong (Trick Room; Charge Beam; Flash Cannon; HP Ground ; Stealth Rock ; Protect ; Grass Knot ; Earthquake ; Explosion ; Calm Mind ; Shadow Ball ; Dream Eater ; Rock Slide ; Rest ; Sleep Talk ; Toxic ; Light Screen ; Reflect ; Rock Tomb ; Psych Up ; Psychic) <Levitate Ability>

Total Items: Type Repellent x3 ; Hyper Ball x4 ; Park Ball x10

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Absol {Encounter 1}
Honchkrow {Encounter 2}
Clefairy {Encounter 3}
Shedinja {Encounter 4}
Unown {Encounter 5}
Wobbuffet {Encounter 6}

Total Captured Pokemon:
Rash Male Absol
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