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Default Re: Project 萌ology ~nipaa nipaa nipaa nano-desu~

Originally Posted by Tobiume View Post

Monoko? More like Moenoko.
Funny, Monoko scared the crap out of me when I triggered that scene in Yume Nikki, but there she actually looks adorable. Fanartists have done the impossible.

Uh, anyway. I haven't actually watched a massive assortment of anime, but whatevs, I'm crashing your club.

Name: Larvi
Favourite moe character(s): Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga, Kiri Komori, Almaz von Almadine Adamant, Canada-kun, any Vocaloid except Gakupo...I could go on.
Favourite anime(s) that contains a moe character: Azumanga Daioh <3
Why join in on our cause?: Because I can.
(optional) Do you like loli/shota?: Not so much, actually.
(optional) Do you like tsundere?: Only male tsunderes. I can't find very many, sadly.
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