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Default Re: Has anybody played the episodes on Sky?

Originally Posted by AshMistyMayfan View Post
Has anybody played those Episodes in Sky, like Bidoff's wish, Sunflora, Team Charm, and what happened with Grovyle? I got to say these games are GREAT adn entertaining. The Bidoff one is a little challenging when you have 3 Pokemon beating on it by the end, but the one with Grovyle was awesome and so emotional to team up with the one you love in Celebi and your enemy in Dusknoir to stop Dialga from 'Hulking' out in his rage! I pocketed over 8000 bucks in the dungeon I was in with Grovyle/Dusknoir, and having him fight wasn't that bad vs. the ghosts. That Driftloon and Driftblim though, stay far away from those 2!
I have played all of them, but the only ones I played all way through are the Sunflora and Grovyle ones.
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