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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OOC: Remember to describe your Pokemon’s moves, not just state them.


IC: Ranger Arunei
Great Lakes

Lotad rushed at Chouno, the glittering orb contained in her leaf popping and snapping like a live wire. I wondered what she was planning on doing with that Energy Ball, but that thought was cut short when the little Pokemon slid to a halt and threw her head down. The ball was launched from her leaf, speeding towards Chouno like a bullet. Then, the little Pokemon jerked her head up, her cheeks bulging with a sudden mouthful of something. She spat and it turned out to be another round of Leech Seeds. I had the feeling the Energy Ball was just a distraction, an immediate threat to draw Chouno’s attention from the less obvious one.

However, I noticed something odd about Chouno’s appearance. There were faint ripples of psychic energy radiating from him, and he was waggling his spoons around as if conducting it. The ripples started to take on a definite form, becoming a transparent Alakazam. It took on more and more substance, solidifying slowly. Too slowly, actually…

Lotad’s Energy Ball struck the forming Substitute before it was complete. In turn, the Substitute seemed to fracture some, and the Energy Ball split into several smaller orbs. These smashed into the sand and when they hit, small explosion tossed fountains of sand into the air.

Thankfully for Chouno, the Substitute was solid enough to protect him from Lotad’s Leech Seed. The seeds struck the fractured Substitute and either stuck to it or bounced off. As Chouno refocused on getting the Substitute finished, Lotad narrowed her eyes and took a moment to assess the situation.

After another second or two, Chouno’s Substitute was finished. I heard a cracking sound ring out over the falling rain and saw a brief, dull blast of light that signaled a teleportation, but Lotad didn’t seem to see the flash. The crack, though, made her jump; she’d obviously been planning what to do and had been so focused on that effort that the sound had startled her. Now alert, the little Pokemon shook herself and took a few steps towards Chouno’s Substitute. I could tell by her movements she thought it was the real Chouno, and when a second crack sounded out (indicating that the Alakazam had reappeared somewhere), Lotad didn’t pay it any mind. She probably thought it was thunder or something.

Without warning, the Pokemon leapt forward and charged at the Substitute, and upon reaching it she slammed her leaf into its stomach. When she dropped back to the ground I noticed a thin vine connecting her to the Substitute, not a physical one, but one made purely of energy. The vine glowed faintly at first, but then burst into brilliant green light as Lotad executed a Mega Drain, siphoning energy from the Substitute. After ten or so seconds the tendril of energy lost its glow and then faded altogether, leaving Lotad looking a bit smugger than before. Ironic really, considering she didn’t realize she’d just attacked a Substitute.


[/B]-Quiet Male Alakazam: 87.61% [SUB @ 17.51%]
-? Female Lotad: 80.98% [PSN] {Rain Dish Ability activated}


Trainer Stats:

Name: Khajmer
Location: Great Lakes

Area Effects:
Encounter Remaining- 10
Leech Seed seeds scattered around again, some sticking to the Substitute but not sprouting

Pokemon Stats:
-Quiet Male Alakazam (TM Shadow Ball, TM Substitute, TM Charge Beam, TM Focus Punch, TM Thunder Punch, TM Fire Punch, TM Ice Punch, TM Toxic, TM Skill Swap, TM Counter, TM Grass Knot) <Synchronize Ability> [Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle]

-Impish Male Shiftry (TM Aerial Ace, TM Sunny Day, TM SolarBeam) <Chlorophyll Ability>

Total Items: 3 Park Balls, 2 Super Balls, 1 Hyper Ball, Type Repellent

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Dratini {Encounter 1}
Gorebyss {Encounter 2}
Bibarel {Encounter 3}
Buizel {Encounter 4}
Lotad {Encounter 5}

Total Pokemon Captured:
Rash Female Dratini
Paired with Shen, the most epic Bleach fan around :3
URPG Stats/National Park Info/Coordinator Stats

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