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Arrow *How to Become a Grader

Applications Open

Welcome would be Writers and future Graders. Thank you for taking the time to stop by this thread. I hope youíre here to become a Grader. Even if you arenít, there are some tips on what Graders look for in a story that you may find handy. But first, here are the steps you need to take to become a Grader.
  1. Before you can become a Grader, you need to write stories for the URPG so you can get a feel of what we look for and how to write.
  2. Experience is different from one person to the next. I suggest writing 3 to 4 stories and trying to catch different Pokemon of rarity. Some people may write 3 stories, some may write 5 stories before they feel ready.
  3. Help give Feedback to other stories. Not only is this great practice, but it helps the community.
  4. Read the guides in the How to Write Freaking Stories thread, and be certain you have the writing knowledge and experience to grade another's story.

If you have these qualities, and a little patience to read stories, we may ask you if you want to become a Grader. If you think have these qualities and we haven't asked you yet, you may send either the Head or Lead Grader a PM. After which, there are three ways they will deal with it:

1- Look at how hard you've worked and give you the job.
2- Deny you for reasons stated (need improvement writing stories, better grammar, etc.)
3- Make you take the Grader Test, listed below.

-Grader Test-
The Grader Test consists of grading fake stories, completing a grammar multiple choice test, and correcting a paragraph, all of which can be found here.

When you have all three grades, the grammar test, and the paragraph completed: PM an active Grader Tester. Please do not PM all of us or continually PM us, be patient. If youíre wondering how exactly you are supposed to grade for your test, then read the next post for helpful tips. If you didn't pass your test, please wait two weeks to gain more experience before reapplying.

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