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Cool Banner Contest '09

This is long overdue.

We need a new banner!

  • Must be a member of URPG to participate
  • You have from now, until November 21 to submit your banner
  • Only 1 entry allowed per person
  • Your banner must have "URPG" or some form of it somewhere on it, everything else is up to you.
  • Don't make it ridiculously large. :P

First place: $10,000 and a legendary not already taken for the entire year! You'll also have your art displayed in our magnificent Rule thread. 8D
Second place: $5,000 and... that's it.

A couple examples from last year's contest:

by Azumao

by Sigma_

by Reign-of-Dreams

So off you go! You don't need GIMP or Photoshop to compete, I've seen some spectacular things come from Paint. Be creative and have fun. :]

Post all entries here.

P.S. If anyone wants to donate any banners for any of our other threads, feel free to post those here as well. We'd appreciate it.

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