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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Here's my SU. :)



What else would it be? Vulpix. :3



(If you can see my avatar clearly…) Dhina isn’t an ordinary Vulpix by means of color; her main body is white.
The six tails that are curled at the tips, as well as the fur -- which is at the top of her head -- that curls into three rolls at the top and falls over her forehead at the bottom, are colored in white with a tint of an alice blue shade.
Her ‘socks’ are baby blue, and has a periwinkle-colored belly.
Finally, Dhina’s eyes are in a light silver tone -- which sparkles every time she’s excited.

Sweet, cheerful, and loyal; Dhina is not the type of Pokemon who let’s anger get the best of herself.

Often times, Dhina would only get upset, but not angry; unless, someone had done a very bad thing to her, or to her friends. Once she does get mad, Dhina would be quite grudging; she may forgive and forget, or never forgive at all. Still, Dhina believes that there’s always a good side on anyone, that’s why she’s not easily enraged.

Dhina, as said above, is very loyal. She would rather die than see her friends suffer. She’ll also do everything to make a sad friend become happy again. Most of all, those who are close to Dhina are her valued treasures.

Dhina was born in a snowy place called ‘Frozen Island’. Her mother was a Ninetales, and her father’s a Stantler. No, a Fox and a Reindeer doesn’t look good together, but those two loved each other very much. But sadly, both died because of old age when Dhina was only three years old.

Not wanting to leave the place where she was born, and where her parents’ are buried, Dhina decided to reside in Frozen Island. She stayed there for fourteen years -- a reason why her coloration changed.

During those years that she had dwelled in Frozen Island, Dhina met a lot of Pokemon -- most were nice, but there are also who’re mean. She turned out to be friends with the nice Pokemon, but never grew to be enemies with the mean ones. But, her best friend was a female Piplup named Bubbles. They met and became the best of friends ever since Dhina was eight years old. Yes, it was fast, but there was something about Bubbles that makes Dhina feel so happy and cheerful; they really like each other’s company. Perhaps the Fox and the Penguin developed a sister-like bond.

On the fifteenth year that Dhina stayed in Frozen Island, something terrible happened: everything was starting to stop… time was on a standstill. Dhina knew what it meant -- the planet’s paralysis. So, Dhina decided to join the Renegades -- a group of Pokemon who’re trying to stop the planet’s paralysis by going back to the past and steal the five Time Gears.

Despite the fact that she’s a Fire-type, Dhina really loves to swim -- which enabled her to take more Water-type attacks than a normal Fire-type could. But, that doesn’t mean that she’s not weak against Water-types anymore.

(Oh yeah, about the 'Ninetales and Stantler died of old age' thingy... I know Ninetales are said to be able to live for a thousand years, but... well... I couldn't think of any other reason for their death. ^^'
Well, one thing because of that is the fact that my imagination and my creativity are sleeping again. '>.>)
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