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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

okay. >gets all hyper<
May the power of Mothra help me and the other renegades SAVE THE FUTURE AND WIN THIS RP! ...... MAY PRIMAL DIALGA DIE! LET THE SANDS OF TIME FLOW FREELY! Sorry, just had to put that bit it, but seriously! I naturally hate Dialga but come on! Now there's 3 of them? >bonks head on wall multiple times< shiny Dialga, Primal Dialga, and Dialga Dialga.
"Ah, Rassilon," Romana said somewhat loudly. "He was one of the forerunners of Time Lord society. He helped develop time travel, and invented a few other staples of technology. In return, we named far too many things after him, and use his name for profanity. Remind me to teach you some Galllifreyan curse words some time, by the way. It's the least I can do to continue the grand old heritage."

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