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Default Re: Individual RP: Brizer

OOC: Oh, sorry. Also, just so you know, you can’t say if an attack hits your own Pokemon or not, either. :P


IC: I watched as Sceptile began to create a hazy red bubble of energy to protect herself from Snorunt’s attack, but not before several of the icy missiles struck her in the chest. Despite the scratches they inflicted, the lizard didn’t let herself get distracted. Thankfully, she completed her Detect before the remaining shards could hit and do more damage.

In the meantime, Snorunt was really starting to flag. The little Pokemon stumbled and then fell backwards onto its butt, blinking sluggishly as the creepers from Sceptile’s Leech Seed continued to entangle it and sap its health. It made a sort of tinny crying sound, and I had a feeling it was upset because Sceptile was too far away for it to get to her. The little thing had really taken a shine to the larger lizard, for some reason.

Rasta seemed to decide it was time to try and catch the Pokemon, and I couldn’t agree more. It was tired and upset, and there’s nothing sadder than an upset baby. I watched him pull a Park Ball from his pack and heave it towards Snorunt. He put a bit too much force behind the throw, though, and the Ball flew over the Pokemon’s head before landing on the ground behind it. Thankfully, the land was at an incline in that area, so the Ball rolled back towards Snorunt and gently tapped against its side. With a resounding crack-popping sound the Ball opened and drew Snorunt inside.

There were a few tense moments as the Ball feebly rocked from side to side, but a moment later it fell still. I smiled and, without giving him a chance to refuse, shoved the extra clothing and gear in Rasta’s arms.

“Put that stuff on before you turn into a Trainer-cicle,” I told him, then went to retrieve the Park Ball from where it was lying in the snow. It had become rather chilly in the few seconds it sat on the ground, and I pulled my hands into my coat sleeves before cradling it between my fingers. I slowly picked my way back towards Rasta and held the Ball out to him. “Congratulations, by the way, on your first capture at the National Park! Snorunt seems extremely friendly, or at least social. I’m sure it’ll make an excellent addition to your team.”


BATTLE STATISTICS (At the end of battle):
-Calm Female Sceptile: 30.52% [Attack increased x2]
-Lonely Female Snorunt: 21.38% [Seeded]


Trainer Stats:

Name: Rastapopulous
Location: Mt. Oktori

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 14

Pokemon Stats:
-Quirky Male Gengar (Substitute, Protect, Hidden Power [Fire], Psychic, Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, Explosion, Focus Blast, Psych Up, Taunt, Will-o-wisp, Trick) <Levitate Ability>

-Calm Female Sceptile (Dragon Claw, Solarbeam, Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, Swords Dance, Hidden Power [Steel], Substitute, Leech Seed) <Overgrow Ability> [Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle]

-Naughty Male Snorlax (Curse, Earthquake, Return, Brick Break, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Rock Slide, Protect, Surf) <Thick Fat Ability>

Total Items: 6 Park Balls, 5 Super Balls, 3 Hyper Balls, 5 Max Potion, 5 Full Heals, Pokeplayer, Sneasel Disc, Riolu Disc

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Snorunt {Encounter 1}

Total Pokemon Captured:
Lonely Female Snorunt


OOC: Runt’s Gender? Oh, you might want to recall Sceptile before she looses too much more HP :P.
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