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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Originally Posted by Kimashi View Post
I edited the application.

I meant to say "They planned to steal a time gear" but I just didn't and I don't know why. I don't have spelling and grammar check on Camino, but I do on Microsoft word so I used that for it.

Am I approved now?
Using MS Word is your best bet. Thanks for making that adjustment, you're good to go.

Name: Syrak
Gender: Male
Species: Raichu
Side: Renegades
Age: 22

Description: There’s not too much difference between Syrak and other Raichus, but the most obvious difference is he appears to be tougher than usual. Meanwhile, Syrak does the best job he can to appear to be as charismatic and heroic as possible. Inside, he’s jovial, but he tries his best to appear to be strong and rigid to his allies, and intimidating to his enemies.

Personality: Syrak’s biggest wish lies in the hope that there is another way for the future to be changed without resulting in everyone’s disappearance, but he knows he’s tried to do that before only to fail. In truth, the thought of disappearing forever scares the hell out of Syrak, but he knows to ally himself with Primal Dialga, a legendary Pokémon that has lost all sense of reason, is definitely not the way to go. Instead, he agrees with Grovyle that he can be behind the reason why the Pokémon of the past will be able to gaze upon sunrises and sunsets, feel the gentle rain come down, and see the seasons pass knowing he was a part of making that possible, it would help him feel like there was more purpose to his life than searching fruitlessly, even if no one remembers him for his actions. In truth, if Syrak had more time, he knew he would try to find an alternate solution first, but the reality of the situation is he can’t and that he’s already tried. Now, he knows the only opportunity to undo this damage is quickly slipping past, and to not use it would crush him inside if he allowed the only chance to restore the beauty of the world slipped away.

Meanwhile, Syrak knows Primal Dialga’s agents are making the Renegades look like they’re trying to cause the planet’s paralysis even though they’re trying to do exactly the opposite. The thought of Pokémon from the past looking at him and attacking him like he’s a fugitive frustrates him quite a bit. In truth, Syrak is willing to do what he can to convince them otherwise, but he knows that unless they see the future for themselves, they’ll never believe him. Instead, he’s prepared to do what he can with his allies, hoping he doesn’t have to hurt too many innocent Pokémon along the way to accomplish his objectives. As far as Primal Dialga’s agents go, Syrak doesn’t even want to hurt them too badly either, knowing that most of them are just scared and don’t want to disappear when the future is changed.

It also bothers Syrak that many innocent and uninvolved Pokémon of the future will also disappear when the past is changed. If he could, he would try to talk to all of them to get them to understand that this must be done, but he knows that’s impossible, and most of them have become too aggressive to understand reason. However, he knows that most of them have never known a world outside of the morbid future. But, whenever Syrak has to fight, he knows he can perform better if he can look into their eyes, and tell himself that he’s doing it for their own good…

History: Syrak was born in Dark Wasteland to Asmaryl the Raichu and Mavic the Lopunny. The small colony where he lived attempted to survive the best they could collectively, but there were many Pokémon there that didn’t agree with the way food was rationed, especially when smaller Pokémon got the same amount of food as larger Pokémon. As a child Pichu, Syrak simply became accustomed to the world being dark and motionless. While most Pokémon always seemed so morbidly depressed, he used what he could to construct things out of sticks and stones to occupy himself. Meanwhile, in several of life’s problems, he would try to come up with solutions that no one else considered.

At an early age, Syrak’s father Mavic passed away from trying to acquire food, killed by starving Mightyena and Houndoom. Asmaryl took it very hard, and Syrak, hating the sight of seeing his mother depressed, went out to try and find a solution to the problem to help cheer her up. He knew the fact he left for two days without saying anything hurt her even more, but eventually, after careful searching, he had found a forgotten orchard of fruit-bearing trees that had never been found before, still frozen in time with their life-sustaining citrus still clinging onto their branches. Immediately, he went back to the colony to share his findings with not only his mother, but with the rest of the colony as well. Most of them thought the child Pichu was speaking nonsense, but there were several desperately starving Pokémon that would rather follow a child’s fantasy than to die in sadness. His mother Asmaryl followed him to the orchard, along with seven other Pokémon hoping the Pichu’s claims were true.

What they found was enough to keep the entire colony surviving for at least four more years…

Syrak, in a way, was hailed as a hero. Even though most of the apathetic Pokémon in his colony felt Syrak was simply doing his duty to the colony by finding food and that it was about time one of the “useless mouths to feed” finally managed to give back to the colony, it pleased Syrak to no longer see Pokémon suffer from starvation, and to see his mother overjoyed, telling him that his father would have been very proud.

The happiness that Syrak felt is what allowed him to evolve into a Pikachu. Shortly after that, Syrak encouraged as many Pokémon as he could to not solely rely on what he found, but to continue the upkeep of being able to provide food for everyone and make sure the food stocks never came close to emptying. However, more and more desperate Pokémon that didn’t want to help acquire food kept joining the colony, especially after news of the orchard’s discovery kept spreading around. When the food stocks had finally run out, everyone looked to Syrak to come up with a solution, and find another “miracle orchard” to help sustain the colony. Syrak, wishing the other Pokémon would learn from this, headed off on his own to find another source of food that could provide sustenance to everyone. However, the second time around, he wasn’t successful. After seven days of searching and only barely finding enough food to keep himself alive, he returned to the colony empty-handed.

As a result, he was exiled from the colony, punished by those that felt he could no longer serve his purpose to the colony he grew up in. With a heavy heart, Syrak turned around, and prepared to head off on his own. Even as he walked away from the colony, plenty of Pokémon from the colony ran after him in ravenous hunger, feeling that if he had failed to provide them food, he should prepare to feed them by giving up his own flesh. Syrak fought to protect himself, only stunning his pursuers before running away. Even though he could have killed them, Syrak understood that they were simply desperate and starving, but there was nothing he could do for them now.

A year later, Syrak found a Thunderstone to use on himself, hoping that anyone from the colony would no longer be able to recognize him as a Raichu if they ever came across him. He never found out what happened to his mother Asmaryl, but deep inside, considering the way he was exiled, he was pretty sure he didn’t want to know. Now that he was a Raichu, he tried to seek out an even bigger goal than trying to find “miracle orchards.” He knew that as desperate as times were, he tried to find a way to change the very world of the future itself. However, after many years of trying, his efforts failed and continued to remain as struggles of survival. However, one of the followers of the Renegades, an Luxray that knew Grovyle very well, found Syrak making efforts to find ways to help change the future to be a better place.

It was then that the same Luxray gave Syrak the rundown of what they were going to try and do: improve the future by changing the past. The Luxray gave Syrak the good news first, telling him that they discovered more about the exact event in the past that caused the future to be so macabre. Syrak learned that the five relics known as Time Gears needed to be collected and brought to the top of Temporal Tower to stop its collapse, and only then would the disaster that caused the planet’s paralysis be prevented. However, the result would mean the future they currently lived in would be no longer, and they would have to disappear as well. With a heavy heart, Syrak volunteered, knowing that while he hated the idea of disappearing, he hated seeing Pokémon starving and in endless sorrow far more.

While in the Renegades, Syrak has been helping the rogue group survive in the future by finding food and supplies, as well as helping those traveling to the past safely make their way toward finding Celebi in a kind of “underground railroad” setup to avoid pursuit from Primal Dialga and his agents. Through his efforts, he has grown very accustomed to surviving and maintaining secrecy in and around the Dusk Forest area, helping other Pokémon from the Renegades find Celebi and acquire food along the way. Meanwhile, he likes the Renegades for the fact that they don’t expect him to find everything for the entire colony on his own, and he enjoys works alongside other Pokémon to keep the campaign alive.