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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

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You are awesome.

Too busy to check this out earlier.

Name: Kin
Gender: Male
Species: Ninetales
Side: Agent
Age: 24

Description: Kin is a shiny Ninetales, though there isn't very much extraordinary about him, only his white, zig-zag colar marking on his fur around his neck. His tails always seem to be moving, though its often taken as mild twitching or the wind.
Personality: Kin, is wickedly smart, manipulative and all around evil. Why Kin is evil, no one knows because he never has a reason to be. Kin just is, as he percieves all things around him are. The time he lives in is just as it is, and he rather likes it that way. His grace, beauty, and intelligence he takes for granted, as it 'comes naturally' to him. He can't ever seem to be upset by any insult, however should you make him upset, you'll be lucky to make it out with third degree burns in the least. Kin does not like to deal with complications unless he wants direct results in all immediate time. He has his own small group of specialists to do anything he finds unworthy of his time. If he were to find something worthy of his time, he would put all effort into completing the task in full efficiency. Kin can act, and sometimes it would even fool other Agents, as it seemed he would be considering switching sides. Kin has more amusement in causing confusion and turmoil to others, neglecting any emotion or consequence that would fall over. The Ninetales can deal with a majority of scenarios with the utmost of calm and majesty, and those

History: Kin never had any real memory before he 'became' Kin. All his previous life was never remembered due to a memory abnormality in his brain. All his previous childhood has been forgotten, though his worn out self when he was recruited to become an agent of Primal Dialga was ragged, only suggesting he had a rough past. His memory begins from there, working all his tails off to become worthy of the respect of Primal Dialga. He often went around, having ghost type Pokemon follow him since he commonly used Will-o-wisp as a light in the dark path ahead of him. Simply, Kin never knew they were there for a long time, but those ghosts loved the violet flames with a passion, and so stalked the Pokemon at all times as he passed through the forests. This went on for years until Kin slowly became more like those he was stalking; deceptive, malevolent, acursed even.

Soon enough, he could see well enough in the dark to stop using his ability. the ghosts didn't like that, and at first refused to let him pass. soon enough they began begging him to use it. Kin then developed an idea. He proposed that these ghosts come when summoned by the Will-o-wisp to do as he wanted them, then they could have it whenever they pleased. Surely, having these frights respect something of Kin's caluber would grab the attention of Primal Dialga. Without hesitation, the pack agreed, and followed in the tails of Kin. This made them move so slightly from then on.

Kin then requested to see Primal Dialga, but he could not, for the prospect of the present being changed was threatening the great Pokemon. Kin wasn't sure what it would be changed to, but he liked the dark as it was, and without it, his newly aquired 'friends' would be gone too. Then he left for a few days, contemplating all possible results of this present being changed. He eventually lead to ramblings of insanity, conflicting with the thoughts of the ghosts that posessed his tails. There, he decided to prevent any change, for it had to be as it was. Just exsist as it was. This mental breakdown almost became his doom when he dared to bring this view upon a small pack of Meowth. Kin wasn't sure why he was doing it, but there was a fight for invading on the feline's territory. Kin fought back, almost killing a few of them in an inferno of rage and lack of sanity. They pleaded him not to continue further, and that they would offer him tribute if they would be left in peace by him. Kin agreed, though on the condition that if he needed an alternate form of tribute, he could call upon a member to do some work for him. The pack agreed, and even as a show of loyalty they found another Pokemon for Kin to 'work with'. Since the Meowth believed that Kin was now proper owner of their territory, they brought a staying Octillery that seemed to be looking for him because of his reputation. After giving the Ninetales a briefing about what was possible to actually happen, Kin agreed to let him, Acaneer, be Kin's first representitive.

Other: Kin controls a small, but effective group of ghost type Pokemon, mostly consisting of Haunter and Mismagius. There are also a small group of Meowth who collect luxuries for him, and occaisionally work for him as well.

Name: Acaneer
Gender: Male
Species: Octillery
Side: Agent
Age: 30

Description: Acaneer is just larger than the usual Octillery, with thick tentacles from his usual exercise routine. He seems to be a darker red than usual, though its a mystery why.
Personality: Acaneer is a sharp-shooting, trigger happy tempermental Octillery. He isn't too bright, but he isn't stupid either. He relies on the intelligence of others mostly because of his disinterest for thought and love for action. You some much as look at him funny and he'll blast you faster than you can say 'oh snap'. Acaneer likes to take credit for other people's work, or at least certain other people's work. If you tell him to do something, he will get it done in the quickest and most physical ways that he can. Notorious for getting into trouble, you can already tell that he muslces his way out of most of his problems.

History: Acaneer spent a majority of his time just swimming in the seas from island to island. He originally came from Cipher Island, though with no sense of direction. He continually swam without much meaning, making himself progressively more buff as he went along. It was rare that a Pokemon were to approach him, and when it did it would be lucky to leave without injury. He travelled to many of the islands outside the mainland, thought it was with purpose. Acaneer traversed the many old dungeons in search of learning different types of projectile attacks for himself. He followed through the treacherous area, following rumor until he found someone with those who feared their pressence over the area. He would then find that person, and make himself victorious in battle. He did this, repeatedly, learning such attacks as Flamethrower, Gunk Shot in respective areas. Eventually he came to the mainland, eventually learning of a nefarious Ninetales by the name of Kin. However, it was Primal dialga that first brought his attention. Attempts to find him were often distracted by the fact that something may have the ability to make the present vanish. Immediately disliking this fact, he muslced his way through many many Pokemon in order to see Primal Dialga. His first intention was to try and beat it, but however, he was persuaded physically to work for him instead. To prove himself useful, he was to try and find a nefarious Ninetales known as Kin. Acaneer wasn't aware of the swarm of Meowth that had a territory of where Kin was now taking shelter in and was overwhelmed momentarily. trying to explain in words, he was brought to Kin, and then told him of what the mighty Primal Dialga wanted. Kin wanted Acaneer to work for him, but the Octillery wouldn't have it. In a quick bout, he lost to Kin, but then became Kin's first representative.

Other: He's bulky...thas it.

Name: Ashe, 'Lady Asharas' <-Official title
Gender: Female
Species: Charizard
Side: Renegade
Age: 19


Ashe is a bit smaller than other Charizards, and slimmer but none the less powerful. Her colourings are almost to that of a shiny, however the red in her wings has dulled and oddly changed to a pale lavender, most likely due to chemical changes in constantly moving against the rocks from where she lives. Her tail constantly burns blue, for she has been through a great many battles and it has not ceased to return orange and crimson.
Personality: Ashe is a wise, kind hearted and strong willed Charizard. Elegant and wise, she preffers to avoid physical conflict, however is well equiped to battle in both physical and mental terms with a high level of mastery. Ashe likes to keep her royal status back with her clan, though she can't help but have it follow her around sometimes. She is willing to go anywhere and do anything for the sake of others, and for the better of all. She has no tolerance for disloyalty or deviation. Ashe also seems to have a sixth sense for those who are of a good heart, but can't tell of those in bad spirits, for she thinks it shows of one having a poor past, and future. Ashe knows that she could disappear, but if anything was for the better, she will go to any means to make anything better.

History: Ashe was within royal blood of the nomadic Char Clan that roamed the future lands in order to find some way to make it a more livable place. They were often attacked, mostly the younger Pokemon since they hadn't enough battling experience to fend for themselves. Ashe was one of the revered Charizards, having mastered an Ember attack at a young age was remarkable. You would think mastering a more powerful attack would earn a higher pristeige, but no, only in certain circumstances. The countless attack on the clan over the years forced them to find a shelter far in the mountain range just south of Mt. Foresaken. Many of the young were injured, as were the elders and adults. those who were able to fight off attacks were kept on a cycle of shifts until they could all recover and move somewhere else again. Ashe, who took on the most shifts, learned that this was not going to happen any time soon. The majority of attacks continued, and slowly the rate of recovery began to fall, and it fell until it was no more. There were more clan members dying than recovering, and they could do little about it. Ashe knew growing up that the times for this clan were hard, but things were even worse than they were before. No longer could they seperate into smaller groups to scout for suitable areas to find a shelter in, but rather now, they were imprisoned on a small mountain ledge, and in a small cavern, where not even their tail flames could keep them warm. After almost a year, one of the old scouts from long ago returned, though was near death when he did. He spoke of something about gears, and better. Ashe wasn't sure how, or what the Charizard was talking about at the time, but his death prevented any further information. It was then she decided to find out about the gears, and see if what was assosiated with them would make life better. Ashe left in search of information, and when she found it, she returned with the news, and the consequences of what would happen. The few clan members remaining all agreed it was for the best, and so gave Ashe a small pack of rations to take with her, and the best wishes for success. She travelled long and hard, trying to find others who had the same motives as her. Even across the sea, though that escapade nearly killed her due to occaisional Gyrados attacks. What benefitted her from that is that she became more resistant to water than usual.

Other: She carries a pack with her, and can carry a few small Pokemon on her back and arms from flying young around during the clans constant travels.

I'll finish later.
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