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Name: Chris
Gender: Male
Species: Arcanine (Surprised?)
Side: Agent
Age: 20

Chris is like a perfectly normal Aracnine besides a scar over his left eye and a dark blue/cobalt scarf.

Chris' past with problems with the renegades make his personality pure evil. He never liked anything boring and sitting around doing nothing. However if he wants he can act his way to make them believe a fake Chris. Chris is a perfect undercover agent.

History: Chris joined the renegades long ago as a Growlithe. His father was an all star member of the agents before his death. Chris was one of the most experienced renegades at the time, however he wasn't easy to get to do something. After spending 4 years in the renegades he was captured by the agents and sent to the future. His choices were to be killed or to join the agents.

He didn't like either choices but he didn't want to die at age 10, so he joined the agents, filled with fond memories of the renegades. At first he was thinking that maybe he should've died. His mind was soon changed when he saw the agents completely destroy a squad of renegades. He only wanted ultimate power after that. So he started fighting against the renegades, even killing one of his closest friends in the renegades, a Poochyena named mike. His mind has been completely filled with hatred against the renegades, brainwashed into thinking they're the bad guys. After 6 Loyal years he was awarded a fire stone to evolve. His power greatly improved and became an valuable member of combat. He never thought about going back to the renegades.

His experience of kidnapping goes back to when his father told him the uses. He's been taking those tips and building a very worthy opponent. He can infiltrate teams as an actor, which he learned also from his father. Chris is a priceless partner to have. He'll warm up to you if you prove you're worthy, other then that he treats you like trash. If you question Chris, chances are you won't be safe or alive much longer. He never turns down a fight.

Other: Chris is not the easier guy to persuade either.

First post in forums just to join an epic RP lol

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