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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Name: Kuragari(M)
Gender: Male(Don't ask. I play Male characters better then Females.)
Species: Absol
Side: Renegades
Age: Kuragani turns 18 next month.

Description: Kuragani has a thin scar running down his face from a fight with another Absol. his blade on his head is sharper then most Absol's. Kuragani's fur is black, and so in his blade, tail, and claws. A.k.a., everything is black. XD But at night, his gem glows dark red.
Personality: Kuragari has a violent past, which makes him violent, distrustful, and isolated. Kuragani is a Renegade, but searches alone.
History: Kuragani was only 5 when his parents were killed by a group of Dialga's agents. The agents were Absols. Kuragani did not understand, but his pain from the loss of his parents brought strength to him, and he fought savagely when they turned to kill him. He was wounded in the face, but killing one, he got away. Kuragani survived by finding shelter in a cave. Kuragani knew nothing about what happened to the world. One day he went back to where his was. It had been burned down! Horrified he ran into the house, finding nothing but a letter. he ran back to the cave, and read it. It described what had happened to the world. Right away he hated Dialga's agents, but reading on he found out that this parents had been part of it! Kuragani finished reading in horror. It turned out that his parents had been planning to steal a time gear for their own selfish purposes, and so Dialga ordered his agents to kill them. Kuragani destroyed the letter, and ran away to a cliff.

Kuragani traveled a long time becoming a savage, isolated, violent beast. Many people were afraid of him, and he earned quite a name. When he found out where the renegades were, at age 17 years 3 months, he went to them. He offered to join them. They were a little wary around him, but agreed. When they went into the portal, Kuragani went alone. Now, 8 month later, he has earned a name for himself here too.

Other: Kuragani has earned quite a name from him. In the RPs, the other characters would be afraid of him. VERY afraid of him. Unless they are renegades. Then they would be afraid, but not VERY afraid.

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