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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Please tell me its not to late to join? This is utterly fascinating! Though I'd enjoy being a Regenade, I see we lack in the bad guy department.

Name: Denovar (a play on the word renovar)
Gender: Male (Rotom acutally are not gendered (even though they can produce eggs...), so lets say he considers himself male, eh?)
Species: Rotom
Side: Primal Dialga Agent
Age: 16

Description: The horn like thing on top of his head is longer then a normal Rotom, and his electricity color is reversed from the regular color of a Rotom. Where the blue was, white is, where white is, blue is.

Personality: Denovar, like many ghost Pokemon, is a bit sadistic. He enjoys watching terror rise in his victims and will play cat and mouse in almost any 'game'. His I.Q. is off the charts, and like Jigsaw from 'Saw' will do everything from the shadows, prompting occurences and emotions without ever showing his face. With his flair of the arts, he'd then pull away his mask of deception at the last moment, letting people realize their mistake far too late. He's really just one evil ham.

History: You know how people say that nobody is born evil? Well they're WRONG! Denovar is bad right to the bone (Da nah nah nah nah, LOL), from the second he appeared. He doesn't know if he was once an egg. All he knows is that one second, he was there. Denovar first opened his eyes to Pokemon screaming and running in terror as the darkness slowly spread around them. He watched indifferently at first, but as terror mounted his mouth slowly began turning up in a smile. Then suddenly, a Fearow crashed to the ground in front of him. He looked as the wretched bird tried to stand back up, but then collapsed to the ground, dead, with interest. Denovar suddenly found himself wanting to make this pain happen to other creatures.
As the years of darkness went on, Renovar honed his skills and began quite a skilled fighter, but an even better strategist. Not only that, but he was able to locate a lost library and began to read through the history of the world. He began to learn, and he used that knowledge to his advantage. One 'day' he was suddenly transported in front of Primal Dialga, who asked him to join his cause of protecting this future. Renovar, quickly realizing what could happen to him if he didn't, accepted and began to hunt after the Renegades.
"Its like playing a game. A game of inevitability, and a game where I cannot lose."

(Hope its good!)

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