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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

When are you going to start? I'll be sad if I don't get in but just curious.

Name: Tokisuku (weird name huh?) But just call her Toki

Gender: Female

Species: Absol

Side: Renegade

Age: 12 and a half

Description: Has a crescent moon on her paw. Just there. She looks like a normal Absol, but the black thing on her head is actually dark brown. Her fur is darker, somewhat gray. She's not shiny, just colored differently. Or is she a shiny? No one really knows, not even her, but she guesses she's not a shiny. Ugh. It messes up people's brains. Has azure eyes. No, not just baby blue, seriously blue.

Personality: Toki (for short) is fairly smart, but when it comes to solving riddles, she's a genius. She LOVES riddles. While she was growing up she learned how to make and solve riddles, from her parents so now making/solving riddles is her best talent. Of course, Toki sucks a directions and gets lost frequently. This is why she prefers to stick to the areas she knows, just in case she might get lost again. And THAT is why she bought a map.
She will probably try and trick the time gears out of protection, that would be her best shot.
TOki does not get scared very easily, considering that Absols don't get scared that much. However, Primal Dialga DOES scare her. After all, what could possibly more scarier than... >shudders< her nightmares and Primal Dialga?

History: Toki's life was made even more glum when the world turned dark. As if it wasn't enough, getting shunned by everyone except her family because of her powers. (Ability to predict disasters. T.T poor Absol) Before the dark came, she would stand in front of passing pokemon and ask them a riddle, kind of like a pokemon sphinx. If they got it rght, they could pass. If they got it wrong, they only had two more chances before she would battle them, and they would try to pass. Most of the time they lost. She had been recently been feeling shivers in her sleep, something felt bad, she could tell something bad was going to happen. She was in the middle of doing so when 'it' happened. (Meaning time going 'funky'.) Of course, she let the pokemon go (she isn't THAT mean, she just wants a good battle) and raced back home, like any good Absol would do, but she searched and searched ad searched and searched for a whole week surviving on nothing but grass and dew, but STILL hadn't found her house when she finally stumbled upon her mother, who seemed to be sleeping in the middle of a grove. Unfortunately, she hadn't seen the two punctures on her mom's other side, and tryed to shake her awake. When it didn't work, she tried again. And again. And again. But it didn't work. WHn she finally turned her mom over, se saw the wounds that were now healing themselves but they were still gleaming ruby. It hit her hard, but she knew that she needed to move on, so she dug a hole with her claws and laid her mother inside. She covered up the dirt and continued.
Once she found out it was time going wonky that caused it, she decided to fix time and avenge her mother's death. If her father is still alive, it is unknown, but anyways. She doesn't care if she dies, she just cares that, 1) Dialga gets back to normal, 2) She gets revenge, and 3) She prevents nightmares whenever possible. She had really freaky nightmares as a young Absol and got so freaked out she'd run out of her bed screaming 'OH MY ARCEUS!!!'

Other: She has good charms. Not 4-leaf clovers but she's.......... attractive........ to most males.

NOOOOES! I posted too late and got second post.... T_T
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