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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Name: Robert
Gender: Male
Species: Riolu
Side: Renegades
Age: 15

Description: Robert looks like any other Riolu, except for the fact that he has stained the silvery orbs on the back of his paws black, that way the shine of silver won't give away his position. Robert stands at only three feet tall, an average size for a Riolu. His eyes are deep red.

Personality: Robert is a rather serious pokemon, yet he tends to make quirky remarks to add in some humor to the situation. While his humor can come off as dark sometimes, it is meant to break up all of the doom and gloom that surrounds them every day. He will do whatever he has to in order to achieve success and restore time. He cares deeply for Lady Mew, though he will never openly talk about his relationship with her to others.

History: Robert grew up in the horrible future of the paralyzed planet. Never having seen the sun and surviving off of whatever he and his parents could find, Robert's primary goal in life was to simply survive. However, one day his parents fell victim to the Sableye patrols, leaving Robert alone to fend for himself. It was during his flight for survival that he came across Mew. Mew told Robert about a chance to change the world for the better if he could find Celebi, as well as explaining the consequences of changing the world: that they would fade out of existance.

For many years Robert and Mew traveled togetehr searching first for the spots where he would be able to locate the time gears. They ran into other pokemon also seeking to help restore the planet and find the time gears. With everyones combined effort, the two were eventually able to figure out the areas that needed to be visited upon heading into the past.

It was a very difficult decision, but Robert decided that for the sake of the world, it would be better to die and be reborn into a bright and wonderful world than to remain in this one. He has traveled ever since with Mew, seeking out Celebi and training daily. While Robert and Mew have developed a rather strong relationship with each other, it was decided that of the two, Robert would be the one to travel into the past while Mew stayed behind with Celebi to buy Robert and the others time to succeed in changing the past. For now, Mew and Robert have split up in order to try and find Celebi.


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