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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Trainer Character

-Name: Alaric Blythe

-Age: 20

-Gender: Male

-Personality: Alaric is a man gifted with good intelligence, but he is by no means a genius, nor was he born with unusually high intellect; he merely worked hard in school and on his memory skills. He is a steadfast man, choosing to stick with something and keep with it until the end, never being swayed form his goal. Alaric is rather friendly on most occasions, choosing to help those who need it, as well as those around him. It brings him happiness to help people around him. Also, he is very curious as to how things work and what they are made of and how, so he’ll often have something taken apart (whether by subordinates under his department, or by himself); this would be more problematic if he didn’t pay attention to how it was taken apart and tried to put it back together.

When at his job, Alaric is only a little different, but he’s very serious about his profession. He sometimes jokes, of course, to lighten the mood, but he often means what he says. Failure doesn’t sit well with him, but since he is understanding, it’s fine when someone else has a failure that has to do with something besides pure laziness and non-attentiveness. Those that do shall get a well-deserved scolding from him, as well as a suitable punishment. He’s rather lenient on punishments, though, so his subordinates don’t worry too much around him, though very few of them are lazy, because of their like for the jobs they were given; Alaric is very good at determining the best place for someone to work in his field.

When it comes to being on vacation at the National Park, he is extremely laid back and happy. Sometimes, he'll marvel over the technologies that Rangers display (rarely going so far as to ask if he could have his own to tinker with and explore how it works; he really loves his job), other times, he'll just enjoy the stroll out to meet his potential Pokemon. Since he only goes here on his vacations, he treats it as such, but if things take a more serious turn, he can instantly change attitudes to fit the situation.

-Description: Alaric is a fit, tall man, standing at 6’2’’, and weighing at about 175 lbs. He is lean and fit, not ripped, but decently muscled (not quite a six-pack, but still toned). His black hair is rather short, not exactly a buzz but, but it’s about an inch long. His skin is slightly tanned, for the years he’s spent in college outside Olivine City. He usually wears a pair of blue or black jeans for informal occasions, or black slacks for formal ones (work is obviously informal for him). On his hip, he wears a simple leather holster, containing his custom-made “O’Dwyer VLE" pistol; he only uses it for personal safety when he can't fight his way out of a dangerous situation, though, he isn't a cruel man. Black sneakers adorn his feet, for comfort while on the go, since his job is very active. He has a white tee on under a black military coat, which seems to be somewhat of a norm for his position and higher. His eyes, light brown and almond-shaped, have a friendly glow to them, but they are still very serious in these troubled times.

-Pokemon Captured:


-Pokemon Natures

Indigo (Metagross) - Brave
Citadel (Empoleon) - Naughty
Creshaw (Salamence) - Jolly

-Park Items

Hyperballs - 5
Max Potions - 3
Full Heals - 4
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