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Default [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP


If you haven’t played PMD2, Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky and you don’t want the storyline/ending to be totally spoiled, look no further. This RP will be focusing on the main events of the game, and will undoubtedly reveal a large portion of the game’s storyline. But, if you’ve beaten at least one of the versions of PMD2 already or you don’t mind if the storyline is spoiled, then you’re definitely welcome to come on in.

If you’ve played through the game, most of this will seem very familiar, but I’m still putting it here as a refresher, and to inform anyone who hasn’t played the game of the basic details.


This RP will directly tie itself to the main storyline in PMD2, but will instead star a larger cast of characters (the ones you make). Instead of the hero and partner, as well as Grovyle and Celebi working to stop the planet’s paralysis, they will be accompanied by other Pokémon characters trying to accomplish the same objective. Meanwhile, Primal Dialga, Dusknoir and his team of Sableye won’t be alone this time either. Joined with them will be plenty of other characters that want to preserve the future, regardless of how dark and dismal it is.

The RP starts off around the same point in time that the game starts off.


In the current state, the future of the world of Pokémon is a dark and macabre place. The sun never rises, the winds never blow, and spring and summer never come. In the future, the planet is paralyzed, and time is forever locked in an unending stasis. Meanwhile, Dialga, the regulator of time, has lost all sense of reason, now given the title of “Primal Dialga.”

Pokémon surviving in this morose future remember that generations ago, the collapse of Temporal Tower, the tower that regulated the flow of time, was the reason why the planet became paralyzed. Most of these Pokémon have accepted this as the fate of the world, but there are others that hope and fight for a way to change it. These same selfless Pokémon are prepared to do whatever it takes to try to go back in time to reverse and change the outcomes…

…even if it means they will disappear because they are from a future that will no longer exist…

In order to prevent the collapse of Temporal Tower, these Pokémon will need to head back into the past to find the five relics known as Time Gears. Located around the world, these Time Gears need to be collected, and then brought to the top of Temporal Tower in a realm called the Hidden Land. The problem is no one truly knows where the Hidden Land is. And time is already running out.

Meanwhile, the Pokémon of the past are unaware of what is happening. While many of them do know about the existence of the Time Gears, they consider it to be disastrous to even think of disturbing them, believing that time will stop whenever they are taken. Any Pokémon from the future attempting to collect them to stop the planet’s paralysis will not only have those from the future trying to stop them, but the Pokémon from the past will be after them as well, thinking they’re trying to cause the planet’s paralysis rather than prevent it.

It is clear the outcome rests upon the edge of a knife…


The Renegades

The Renegades are the Pokémon from the future that are trying to stop the planet’s paralysis by stealing all five Time Gears. These selfless Pokémon understand that what they are about to do will result in the disappearance of the future they are a part of, and that they will disappear along with it. Regardless, they stand firm with the resolve that the dark, dismal future that they have known needs to be undone, regardless of the sacrifice.

To head back into the past

Anyone belonging to the Renegades will need to find Celebi in Dusk Forest to travel into the past. Celebi can not be caught (Shh, I know what you’re thinking, all you people who finished Sky already!), and is part of the mission to change the future. However, if Dialga’s agents get hot on her tail, she will need to migrate to different areas.

Collecting the Time Gears

Thankfully, the Renegades know where to find the Time Gears in the past through careful research. Their locations are as follows:

Treeshroud Forest (Unprotected)
Giant Volcano (Unprotected)
Fogbound Lake, Near Foggy Forest (Protected by Uxie)
Northern Desert/Quicksand Cave (Protected by Mesprit)
Crystal Cave (Protected by Azelf)

Taking a Time Gear from any of these locations will result in time slowing down around the general area. However, this will only be temporary, as time will return to normal once the Time Gears are in place on the top of Temporal Tower. However, the Pokémon of the past will believe this slowing of time is a permanent effect from removing the Time Gear from its location.

In order to steal a Time Gear guarded by Uxie, Mesprit, or Azelf, you will have to fight them, cleverly trick them, or something else of this nature, as they were charged with the responsibility to protect the Time Gears, and will not understand your mission. When a Time Gear is taken from one of these locations, the other two will be alerted of the theft, and not only will things become harder, but chances are very good more of the Pokémon of the past will become involved against you, and might even assist your enemies from the future.

Getting the Pokémon of the past to finally believe the truth behind your mission should definitely not be easy. Doing so is dangerous in itself, as it will alert Dialga’s agents of your presence in the area.

To find the Hidden Land

To even make it to the Hidden Land once the Time Gears are collected, the Renegades will need to find the Relic Fragment, and bring it to Brine Cave. Unlike the Time Gear locations, the Renegades will not know how to do this, and will likely need to uncover the means to do this through searching.

We’re going to assume Grovyle’s human partner, the hero of PMD2, was turned into a Shinx named Clyde who forgot his memory, while his partner is a Riolu named Miles. Hope no one minds that.

In order to find the Relic Fragment, the Renegades will need to need to find Miles, and none of them know he has it. Once they have it and they know how to use it, they may travel to the Hidden Land, and finish the final part of their quest. Meanwhile, gaining the assistance of Grovyle’s once-human partner Clyde would be a massive help toward finding the Time Gears considering he has the Dimensional Scream ability, the power to see visions of the past and future through touching certain objects of significance.

The Renegades WIN the RP if they manage to place all five Time Gears at the top of Temporal Tower, thus forever altering the course of history by preventing the collapse of Temporal Tower. However, they LOSE the RP if all of them are eliminated, or if a month of real-life time passes (it means Temporal Tower has collapsed).

Primal Dialga’s Agents

As a minion of Primal Dialga, its your mission to stop the Renengades before they change the events of history and wipe out everything and everyone in the future. Primal Dialga’s orders are clear: Execute anyone attempting to change time.

Unlike the Renegades, the Agents have the advantage of being able to be taken to any area of the past that they want without Celebi’s help. Meanwhile, they have the advantage of being able to use deception on the Pokémon of the past to help them in their pursuit of the Renegades. The Pokémon of the past will have reason to believe Primal Dialga’s Agents before they believe the Renegades.

While the Agents know that the Renegades are trying to target the Time Gears, they do not know where they are. Its your mission to hunt them down, bring them back to the future, and make an example of them for all those that would make the mistake to follow in their footsteps.

Meanwhile, the Agents all have the power to create Dimensional Holes, which are portals that lead back to the future. Once taken there, the Renegades are to be executed.

The Agents WIN if every last Renegade is executed (must be done fairly), or if the RP lasts longer than a month (real life time) from the start date, which means the Renegades are too late, and Temporal Tower has collapsed. However, the Agents LOSE the RP if the Renegades successfully place all five Time Gears at the top of Temporal Tower.


NOTE: Locations with a white tag exist in the game, and I did the best job I could to realistically apply them to the map. Locations in yellow don’t actually exist in the game, those were made up by me.

  • No god-modding or bunnying. If one of Dialga’s agents successfully and realistically captures one of the Renegades (be fair and mindful of what your adversary is doing), you may bunny them to drag them into a dimensional hole to bring them back to the future, but that’s as far as it goes.
  • No spamming. Also, don’t post one-liners, this isn’t that kind of an RP. Your posts should be at least two paragraphs long.
  • Limit OOC chat. If you have a dispute, speak about it in the discussion thread. I'll try to resolve conflicts and disagreements the best and fairest way possible.
  • DO NOT MOVE RIDICULOUSLY FAST from place to place. Traveling from one location to another should take time, and it should not be an easy trip considering there are plenty of Pokémon in both the future and past that are aggressive because of the time distortions. You can use other Pokémon to help you travel faster, such as a Pikachu riding a Pidgeot to get somewhere at a quicker place (Provided the rider doesn't weigh more than the flyer or ground mount). Remember, one post should be about the departure, the next post should be about the trip itself (An "En Route" post), and the last can be the arrival.
  • Because TMs are littered all over the place in PMD games, you can use any move that your Pokémon can learn, TM, level up, tutor, and so on.
  • No using any Itemizer or Transfer Orbs. That's just... wrong. However, anything else on this list is okay unless a conflict arises mid-RP and it needs to be prohibited.

Also, each post will need a header. Put this at the top in bold:

<Character name>
<Side, either Thieves or Agents>
<Current location, Past or Future>


Name: Your character’s name. Pokémon don’t have last names, so just stick with a first name.
Gender: Male, Female, or Genderless where applicable.
Species: What Pokémon your character is. No legends please.
Side: Is your character a part of the Renegades, or one of Primal Dialga's Agents?
Age: How old your character is. Just assume that all Pokémon live as long as humans do and age at the same rate.

Description: We know what Pokémon your character is, but do they have any distinguishing marks, scars, etc? Maybe they’re a little taller or shorter than usual?
Personality: The emotional intelligence of your character, AKA, how they behave and react to things around them.
History: Chances are good your character’s history is pretty dismal from living in a macabre world of darkness their entire lives, but explain it here.

Other: Anything else you’d like to mention.

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