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Default Re: Chaos Realm (Still need some people. we are having a blast so far.)

I'll join the army.

Name:Damien Spawn
Which Army and Why:Sinnoh, witnessed team rocket theft, enrolled.

Personality:Very stubborn and doesn't like when higher authorities overrule him. Often going into rages Damien definitely isn't the right person to pick a fight with
Alignment:Honest yet stubborn.
History:No idea to whom his real parent where at 9 he was adopted but refused to change his birth name 'Spawn' which nobody knows where it comes from. Never really growing attached to adoptive parents he pitied them and often faked affection for them. At 14 Damien left to study Monkey style kung-fu, from which he returned at the age of 18 having mastered the style. From here he left for his pokemon journey capturing many pokemon and sending most home, the only pokemon that seemed to grow on him was the Riolu he caught. Later in his journey witnessing pokemon theft at the hands of team rocket Damien vowed to get them. Signing up for the army Damien came prepared with all his Martial arts weapons however also acquired 2 desert eagles which he can now handle pretty well. Leaving most of his pokemon home Damien took Riolu and joined the army, the intense battles eventually caused Riolu to evolve and Damien took Lucario up as his student. In training one day on a mountain Damien ran into Sneasel which really seemed to like him and him and Damien just connected. From there he fights wars with his two trusty pupils along side him.


Often attacking alongside Damien with Aura sphere and Metal claw Lucario along with Sneasel are the only pokemon still with Damien since he quit his dream to join the army.


Fighting alongside Damien with attacks like Ice beam, Shadow claw and Dark pulse along with Lucario they are the only pokemon still with Damien since he quit his dream to join the army. Damien nicknamed his Sneasel 'Spawn' which is also Damien's Surname.

Weapons if Any:
2x Desert eagle


Stealth knife

Throwing knifes

Other:Master of the ancient Martial art of the Monkey Damien is deadly with his weapons.

-I may have to drop out of this RP but hopefully not, so try not to incorporate into the main story too much.
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