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Default Re: Individual RP: Brizer

OOC: Snorunt was hanging on to Sceptile’s back seed with its mouth, not standing in front of it. Also, even though you can (and should) explain how a move looks and is performed, you can’t say that the attack hits.

Oh, you can state the Pokemon's Gender before you catch it, just so you know.


IC: Sceptile managed to get to her feet, using a Quick Attack and trying to dislodge Snorunt. The smaller Pokemon held on for several seconds, then lost its grip and was knocked to the snowy ground. Now free from the small burden, Sceptile went in for yet another Hidden Power. She held her paws up and formed more dagger-like pieces of steel, executing a spin and whipping up a wind that caught up the steel. The vicious whirlwind was then pushed at Snorunt, who was getting up and looking a bit hassled.

Unfortunately, the poor Pokemon was smacked upside the head by Sceptile’s attack just as it was getting up, and thus it was knocked back to the ground, its face in the snow. For a few moments it just lay there, then shifted and got up, slower this time. It turned, to face Sceptile, looking just a bit upset. I felt bad for it; clearly it just wanted to play. I had a feeling it didn’t understand this was a battle, and that it was young.

After a few moments, Snorunt bent down and started pawing through the snow. Several moments later it straightened, clutching something in its hands. I couldn’t make it out, though, because whatever the Pokemon was holding was being held under its cloak. Without hesitation, Snorunt then charged towards Sceptile and, when it was less than a foot away, suddenly flung what it was holding at the lizard’s chest and belly. It turned out to be about five long, thin pieces of ice; Snorunt’s version of an Ice Shard attack. The assault was so sudden and unexpected that there was a good chance Sceptile would be unable to react before getting struck by the flying ice-missiles.


-Calm Female Sceptile: 45.52% [Attack increased x2]
-? ? Snorunt: 26.64% [Seeded]


Trainer Stats:

Name: Rastapopulous
Location: Mt. Oktori

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 14

Pokemon Stats:
-Quirky Male Gengar (Substitute, Protect, Hidden Power [Fire], Psychic, Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, Explosion, Focus Blast, Psych Up, Taunt, Will-o-wisp, Trick) <Levitate Ability>

-Calm Female Sceptile (Dragon Claw, Solarbeam, Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, Swords Dance, Hidden Power [Steel], Substitute, Leech Seed) <Overgrow Ability> [Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle]

-Naughty Male Snorlax (Curse, Earthquake, Return, Brick Break, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Rock Slide, Protect, Surf) <Thick Fat Ability>

Total Items: 7 Park Balls, 5 Super Balls, 3 Hyper Balls, 5 Max Potion, 5 Full Heals, Pokeplayer, Sneasel Disc, Riolu Disc

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Snorunt {Encounter 1}

Total Pokemon Captured:
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