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Default Re: Individual RP: Metallic Houndoom

OOC: All right, now that I know what Shinx’s Gender will be, I can decide its Ability. I rolled a die and got 2, so it has the Rivalry Ability. I’ll edit my last post to reflect this.


IC: As Shinx bore down on Weavile, the ice-weasel carried out his commands without hesitation. A flare of white light surrounded him, followed by an aura of darker light. The two mingled together, throwing eerie shadows across the Pokemon’s face and body. Once this was done, Weavile dashed to the side in order to evade the incoming Shinx. The little lion was deviously smart, though; having heard the attack that was ordered, Shinx stiffened his legs and dug his claws into the floor, halting his forward movement. He used the momentum that was remaining from his charge to whirl around, claws digging deeper into the floor, as if to anchor the Pokemon in place.

By now Weavile was using his second command, Faint Attack. The white light from his Quick Attack had faded, and the dark energy swirling around him let him blend in with the shadowy surroundings. He was tearing towards Shinx, barely visible in the gloomy darkness, ready to slam into the smaller Pokemon with everything he had. Shinx grinned again and opened his jaws wide, throwing his head back and letting out a shrill, high-pitched screech that became drawn out and deeper in pitch after a second: a Howl. Then, just as a startled Weavile lunged at the lion, Shinx dropped his head and jumped forward as well. I heard the thud as the two Pokemon collided, but before they could be thrown from each other by conflicting momentum, Shinx snapped his still-open jaws around Weavile’s closest arm. Despite being clearly winded, the little lion held on for all he was worth. Then I noticed the bright green sparks flying from his jaws, so thin as to be nearly invisible.

Growling in lashing the air with his tail, Shinx gripped Weavile’s arm tightly in his jaws as he delivered his Thunder Fang. Weavile landed on the floor a second later and staggered, though it wasn’t from any secondary effect of the Thunder Fang. Thrown off-balance by the twisting, kicking lion on his arm, the ice-weasel growled as well and flung his arm around madly, trying to shake Shinx off. I could see by the angry look in his eyes that he was getting ready to try more violent tactics if the lion didn’t let go in a moment.

“Ah, Zack, you might want to give Weavile something to focus on other than Shinx hanging from his arm,” I said, feeling worried. “He looks ready to start smacking the thing around if it doesn’t let him go…”


-Hasty Male Weavile: 72.09%
-? ? Shinx: 62.58% {Rivalry Ability} <Attack increased x2 ; Thunder Fang >


Trainer Stats:

Name: Zack
Money: 750
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 0

Pokemon Stats:
-Gentle Genderless Porygon-Z (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Hidden Power (Steel)) <Adaptability Ability>

-Brave Male Gliscor (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Earthquake, Stone Edge) <Hyper Cutter Ability>
100% [BURN]

-Hasty Male Weavile (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: X-Scissor, Surf) <Pressure Ability> [Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle]

Total Items: 2 Mega Puffins, 5 Max Potions, 8 Hyper Balls, Digital Camera

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Electrike {Encounter 1}
Grimer {Encounter 2}
Koffing {Encounter 3}
Pachirisu {Encounter 4}
Pikachu {Encounter 5}
Luxray {Encounter 6}
Ampharos {Encounter 7}
Voltorb {Encounter 8}
Electabuzz {Encounter 9}
Raikou {Encounter 10}
Minun {Encounter 11}
Minun {Encounter 12}
Minun {Encounter 13}
Manectric {Encounter 14}
Shinx {Encounter 15}

Total Captured Pokemon:
Rash Male Electrike
Timid Female Ampharos
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