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Arrow CURSE OF KAUMAHA --> Really Challenging!

Another game, I recieved such a multitude of awesome glitch finds with Pokemon Twilight, that I am going to post many of my games here as well, please keep up the good work.

If you beat this game, you are amazing. So far I am the only one, which is understandable because I know every secret, and aspect of the game, I built it! It is possible though.

File Size:5.22MB



Press F1 in the game for the instructions

Controls --> Main Game
Arrow Key Left - move left
Arrow Key Right - move right
Arrow Key Up - climb ladder/elevator
Arrow Key Down - descend ladder/elevator
Space Bar - jump
Ctrl - switch powers ( if you unlocked them )
Alt - use powers ( if you unlocked them )
Enter - pause game

Controls --> Map Screen
Mouse - move cursor
Mouse Left Click - enter level
Save Button - saves the game
Main Menu Button - returns to the main menu ( does not save )
Trophy Button - lets you see all of the trophies you earned

Controls --> Pause Screen
Arrow Key Down - select next option down
Arrow Key Up - select next option up
Resume - resumes the game
Level Map - exists the level ( nothing you did in the level counts )
Sound - turns the music on or off
Graphics Settings - changes the graphics to low/medium/high ( for better speed )
Auto Save - enables/disables autosave ( saves when level finishes )

Jump into the torches to launch fireballs at the enemies
Press space right before you hit a trampoline to go higher
Watch your surroundings carefully if you are stuck
There is one golden token hidden in each level
There are three golden enemies that unlock secrets
Golden doors require golden masks to get in
Getting enough masks will reveal a secret
There are 15 trophies that are not part of the game percent

The Curse of Kaumaha represents a sizable chunk of work. This game has many feautres, but I prefer to let it stand for itself.

Here are some features of the game:

*21 Levels
*40+ Enemies
*Unlockable Minigames
*Original Soundtrack
*Trophy Cabinet (awarded for random things like killing 100 enemies)
*Difficult Ending Boss
*Secret areas
*Hours of Gameplay
*Fun? I think it is, but i have a biased opinion

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