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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Q&A and Discussion (Red/Blue/Time/Darkness/Sky)

I just started playing Sky and until and hopefully a Wondermail S generator is created , I got a question:

Read the Sky site and it says if I read it right:,2

You can transfer items from your Time/Dark over to Sky. Is this true and possible?

Also, my WiFi is just not working, should I just buy a new router? I keep picking up 'closed off sites' and not unlocked sites to access my Wi Fi. I don't want to go out to restaurants just to access Wi Fi! Well I am going to another area briefly tomorrow and debating on bringing game anyway to see if I can ping Wi Fi from that other area.

Let me know which router is the best to buy.

Took 2 tries to get Pikachu, but why can't I get a female Piplup for a PARTNER?!
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