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Wink Re: Individual RP: Dragoness

"Right," said Dragana slowly, reaching out a pale hand to touch Kaci's arm. His scales felt warm against her hand and his jolly smile was comforting. She had the thick skin that most Amonea's had, so she felt not at all abashed by her letting Dragonite out. Instead, she watched with interest as Sara walked towards the little duck of a Pokemon.

As the ranger looked over the Pokemon, Dragana turned her attention to Shell, the Shellos she lovingly carried in her arms. It was looking around, its intelligent eyes taking in the surroundings. The girl tried to imagine what he might be thinking and within moments had a fake conversation going on with the 'mon. She had just gotten to the good part, where he was telling her about this very funny Tauros that had sneaked into the Great Lakes when Sara started talking only to be interrupted by a long, pink skinned mammal.

"Slowpoke!" Dragana exclaimed happily. "Their so sweet, usually gentle creatures by nature. But, to be honest, I'd rather not have one. This guy looks like he'd be better left alone with his friends." She smiled sweetly down on the adorable little 'tike.

"Do you want to come back? I don' want you getting sick." Dragana eyed Kaci, her eyes flickering over to the ill Psyduck. But the Dragonite shook his head, his thick orange tail sweeping around to gently whack Dragana in the butt. "Hey!" she laughed, pushing on her friend's muscled chest.

In response, Kaci pushed back, hard enough to knock her down. Without a second thought, the young woman scrambled up and jumped at Kaci, grabbing hold of his strong neck, her feet now dangling above the ground. The dragon like dude let out a deep laugh and swung Dragana's body around and up, so she was now sitting on his wide shoulders.

It was about then Dragana remembered Sara. "Sorry," she said in an apologetic tone. "Ready to go on? Just be careful of that cute Slo'Poke."

OOC: Was it alright to say Shellos was lookin' around? If not, than sorry, Dawg <3
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