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Default Re: ATF's Tree of Battles

[3v3][No items/Held not okay][No Weather/Normal Terrain][D/P][Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause]

Shinies VS Green Rampage

Gengar & Heracross


Victreebel & Infernape & Rampados

Shinies had type advantages as it took out Nape, not without suffering 42% damage, then it tried to use WoW on the incoming Rampardos, it missed giving Rampados the KO of Gengar. Heracross came in and OHKO with CC. Victreebel was forced, it took a Megahorn and tried Par on Heracross. The Par failed ginving the win to Shinies.

Shinies: $1,000
Green man: $0,500
Me: $1,500

Salary: $9,500
Coordinator Stat's

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