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Default Pe2k North American Meet-Up [Pre-Alpha Build]

So, most of you know what the PE2K UK Meet-Up is, so here's the version for us North Americans to talk about how WE'RE gonna meet up. Now, NA is a LOT bigger than the UK, so obviously there will be some trouble, but me and a couple of other Pe2kers have been talking about meeting up anyway, so I figured that I'd share with the rest of you what OUR plan is.

So, next summer (early June, probs) is the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California. Being a massive gamer and a staff writer for a Nintendo news website, my interest naturally perked at the prospect of finally being old enough to head on out there in 2010. I decided I'd bring the idea up to a few friends, both on and off Pe2k, and it's turned into a bit of a meeting between myself and 3 other members of the forum. So, here I was saturday night thinking "Why don't we open this up so anybody can go?". Following that line of logic, I skillfully decided "I think I'll open this up so everybody can go!", which brought me here. Dates and times are tentative, so bear with me, I'm just trying to get a feel for who may or may not be interested in going.

Dates: Early/Mid-June, 2010
Place: Los Angeles, California

Is anyone else interested in the prospect of meeting up with fellow Pe2kers at E3 this coming year?
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