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Default Re: ATF's Tree of Battles

[1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1][No items/Held not okay][random Weather/No Terrain][Revo][No Evasion moves ][No Destiny Bond/Perish Song][No Sleep moves][All hit moves hit one][Rock/Ground Pokemon only]

Lusitania VS Haze VS -PK- VS Sequento VS Eraizza VS Leman VS Green Rampage VS Khajmer

Swampert VS Lunatone VS Golem VS Mamoswine VS Garchomp VS Shuckle VS Tyranitar

Lunatone set up and was sweeping, it only lost because of a random Toxic. Mamoswine mopped up, including finishing off the weakened Lunatone.

Eraizza: $3,500
Haze: $3,000
Sequento: $2,500
Green Rampage: $2,000
Lusitania: $1,500
Khajmer: $1,000
~PK~: $1,000
Leman: $1,000

Me: $4,000

Salary: $4,000
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