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Default Re: kazu's shop - [LF] PC-nagoya, pokepaaku, pcny, 10 aniv (06808)

I'm sorry, but which one did you want? I thought you wanted my Bryant Park Latias, no? That is what I gave you. Which Latias did you want from me?

And what do you want from the ones that I picked out from you?

Nagoya・・・GROWLITHE, 20.10.06, Naughty
Nagoya・・・SLOWPOKE, 20.10.06, Sassy
Nagoya・・・TAUROS, 17.11.06, Bashful

ID 60321

Nagoya・・・PIKACHU, 02.10.08, Gentle
Nagoya・・・LOTAD, 02.10.08, Quiet
Nagoya・・・PLUSLE, 15.12.06, Modest
Nagoya・・・ZANGOOSE, 15.12.06, Relaxed

ID 60505

Nagoya・・・AIPOM, 01.11.06, Mild
Nagoya・・・PIKACHU, 26.12.06, Impish
Nagoya・・・PINECO, 01.11.06, Rash

Pcny・・・SEADRA, ID 00023
Pcny・・・FLYGON, ID 00028
Pcny・・・ZANGOOSE, ID 00165
Pcny・・・ABSOL, ID 00458
Can you pick something out for these?

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