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Default Re: Chaos Realm

Name: Kristall Feuer
Profession: Pokemon Trainer
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Personality: Kristall is very kind and caring to all types of pokemon. She could have easily become a breeder because she takes care of her pokemon so well but she enjoys the excitement of battle and has wanted to become a trainer. She is a very strategic person and is ruthless only when battling her opponent (even if they are a good friend she will go all out on you so no worries with that). When the battle is over, win or lose, she's a good sport and helps out the other trainer if need be in taking care of their pokemon. She believes all battles give a learning experience, whether you win or lose.
Alignment: Good
History: Ever since Kristall was young and could understand things, she wanted to be a pokemon trainer. Her parents didn't really want that for their daughter. They considered that she would run into some bad pokemon and she would end up hurt or maybe worse. But they knew how much she loved pokemon and tried a compromise. They suggested she become a breeder. At first, she agreed but then she saw how excited she always got when she saw a pokemon battle and decided against being a breeder. She told her parents she wanted to be a pokemon trainer now and they knew she would never change her mind. So they allowed her to go off on her pokemon adventure. She was able to get all 8 Hoenn and Sinnoh region badges before the war broke out. She heard that Team Rocket and Teams Aqua and Magma were recruiting again but really, she'd rather stay out of it and just fight as she goes if need be. Though she doesn't like the idea of Team Rocket using this "spire" for world domination, she really doesn't know much about it so she stays out of it.
Weapons if Any: N/A
Other: She likes to keep Gardevoir out of her poke ball and by her side because one, she can communicate with her and the other pokemon (Gardevoir uses telepathy to speak with humans much like a Lapras) and two, because Gardevoir is a very good pokemon friend, acting like best friends would. She lets her other pokemon out every so often for exercise and training as well as the occasional battle though Quagsire tends to steal other people's stuff, even your pokeballs if you leave them unattended! She often has to apologize for what Quagsire did and return what he stole. Weavile likes shiny things so he often steals stuff too though not as often as Quagsire.

Shiny Staraptor-Male





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