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Default Re: Chaos Realm

This interests me greatly, I haven't RPed in a while, and never RPed in a pokemon RP forum so, I may make a few mistakes. So yeah, sigh me up as a TR executive.

Name: Lee

Why Team Rocket: I love TR, they are awesome, especialy Giovanni (my favorite Giovanni sprite is the HGSS one).

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Description: 5'8" and has blonde hair. He wheres a black hoodie with a zipper and a giant red "R" on the front of it, the zipper is normaly open, cutting the "R" in half, and there is a white t-shirt under it. He also wears blue jeans and black sneakers. He often has his hood up, which covers his face with a shadow that makes it impossible to see details of it. He weighs about 126lb and is realy skinny.

Personality: Lee is realy friendly. He will not kill anyone unless they attack him. He doesn't like TR much because they are evil and wanto to take over the planet. But he doesn't like the governments because they are at war, so he will stay with TR, at least, until the war is over. He also realy cares about pokemon, which is another reason he doesn't like TR. He is more Neutral when it comes down to it, so he will let anyone like after a battle, unless they try to kill him or one of his pokemon.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Lee's history: Lee was born and raised in the city of Viridian. At the age of nine he found an Eevee that was in a lot of pain and dieing after being shot by a stray bullet. The Eevee was unconcius when Lee got it help and it woke up a few days later. When the Eevee woke up it was shocked it was alive and when it figured out Lee was the one who saved it, it was so happy it evolved into Espeon right then and there, Lee was overjoyed and named the Espeon Esper. After a few years of training, in which Lee caught a Tauros, Ghastly, and Pikachu, Esper learned how to use telepathy. Eventualy Lee came across a TR member and challenged him to a battle.
"Who do you think I am, kid? I am not just some other trainer you can battle norm-" The TR member started.

"I don't care who you are, you don't look trust worthy either so, how can I trust you?" Lee said, cutting off the TR member in the middle of his sentence. Then he released Esper from her pokeball.

The TR member was shocked to see the trainer, who was only about 13 at this time, had such a rare pokemon. "Heh, your probably right there." He said, sending out his Zubats. A grin spread across his face.

The Zubats then used poison sting. Esper dodged the poison stings and used confusion, knocking out one of the zubats. The other Zubat came in for a bite attack which Esper dodged all but the tip of it's fang, which didn't do much, but it hurt. "Nice try there, but I'm faster then you." Esper said with telepathy, the scratch on her leg was hurting though. The Zubat then came in for another bite then Esper knocked it out with phybeam.

The grunt growled and steped back, relizing he droped his gun. "You should join us, imagine..." The grunt started again. But he stoped dead cold. He started shaking as his vision focused on Lee's hand.

"It depends what your goal is." Lee said with a shrug. Esper looked up at her trainer in confusion. "I thought you said he couldn't be trusted?" The Espeon asked in confusion. At this question Lee started to laugh. "Yeah but..." He started, as he pointed a gun at the grunt. "... I don't think we have anything to worry about."

The grunt couldn't stop shaking, he didn't know how the kid got his gun. "W-w-we want to t-t-take over the w-world." He said, scared for his life.

Lee thought for a while then turned to his Espeon, but still held the gun toward the grunt. "If one group ruled the world, it may be in a better state then it is now." He said, then waited for Esper to respond to his thought. "It may be, I would like to try to end this war." Esper said, then sent a telepathic message just to Lee. "Of corse, if this war ends before that..." Esper started, but Lee nodded, he knew exactly what his partner meant. "Well, take us to your boss then" Lee said, and the grunt did just that.

The grunt took Lee to meet Giovanni. When Lee met him, he didn't like him so much, but pretended he did. He joined TR that day and started working operations that day. Every operation he was at was a success. Now, two years after he joined TR, he is an executive, only below Apollo and Giovanni in power. He and Esper still don't trust Giovanni or TR, and don't want to be a member, but they don't like this war either...


Name: Esper
Gender: Female
Backstory: Lee found Esper as an Eevee that was dieing of a gun shot wound. When Esper woke and figured out what happened, she became happy enough with Lee to evolve into Espeon right then and there. Esper was also the only pokemon Lee brought to TR with him.
Personality: Esper is playful and caring, much like her trainer. If the time came she needed to protect someone, though, she would not hold back.
Special ability: Esper can speak any language with telepethy.
Moveset: Rest, Dream Eater, Confusion, Confuse Ray
Level: 73

Name: Weez
Gender: Male
Backstory: When Lee was in TR for a month he got Weez from Lando. Durring a raid on a Johto police station he evolved into Weezing. They have grown very close over the years.
Personality: Weez is realy playful, thought it has gotten him in trouble at times, for the most part, it is harmless. Weez is also realy friendly to people.
Special ability: N/A
Moveset: Toxic, Poison Sting, Haze
Level: 45

Name: Doom
Gender: Female
Backstory: Right after becoming an executive Lee was given a houndour by Apollo, Doom and Lee have become very close. Eventualy Doom evolved into a Houndoom.
Personality: Doom is realy friendly when it comes to meeting people. Also, doom will not attack humans unless they attack Lee or one of Lee's pokemon, including himself.
Special ability: N/A
Moveset: Flamethrower, Bite, Dark Pulse
Level: 32

Name: Cro
Gender: Female
Backstory: Cro was the pokemon given to him right away when he joined TR. She evolved into a golbat a few months before he became an executive. Three months after she evolved into a crobat. By a week after they met they both had become realy close.
Personality: Cro is realy friendly, thought he gets into trouble often. He is a strong battler nonetheless.
Special ability: N/A
Moveset: Confuse Ray, Poison Sting, Bite, Wing Attack
Level: 53

Name: Toxic
Gender: Male
Backstory: When he was still an admin he got Toxic on a mission in Sinnoh. They became realy close. Toxic evolved into a Toxicroak some time after they met.
Personality: Toxic can get along with people good, but he also makes fun of people, pulls pranks on them, and so on. Altogether though, he is a partner and friend.
Special ability: N/A
Moveset: Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Cross Chop
Level: 39

Name: Lightning
Gender: Male
Backstory: After he became an executive, on a trip back to Sinnoh, Lee met Lightning and they became close friends. It evolved into a Luxio back in Kanto, and later into Luxray in Johto.
Personality: Lightning is really playfull and likes people, thought he doesn't quite trust TR
Special ability: N/A
Moveset: Thunder Bold, Bite, Thunder Wave, Tackle
Level: 32

Weapons if Any: Two hand-guns.

Other: Not about Lee but, level refures to how experienced the pokemon is in battle, not level like in the game, so they are all equal in power, just the higher they are, the more they know what their doing in battle.

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