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Great sign me up for Head of Kanto Forces~!

Kaliff Leslie

Nickname- Neal



Chaotic, but not all the time. Neutral to a piont, but it depends

Kanto: Neal spent aot of his time here after school. He has learn a great deal about pokemon. For that he would lay down his life to protect this reigon. If he would have never ventured into Kanto, he would have never met Sky* His Dragontie


6ft, athletic build.

Eyes: Jade Green

Light brown hair on top, dark brown on bottom. He has long sideburns and a goatee.

Black and Sliver gauges in both ears with a stud under his lip.

Tattoos: Retro designs, starting from his shoulder to his elbow on the right arm. On the left arm is a series of black strips that lead down to his wrist. On his back is a pair of wings.

He wears a small Black and Red cotton shirt to show off his built arms. On the sleeves are strings to pull them tight or let loose. He pants are baggy but always stay in the same spot. His black studded belt is for only keeping his Pokeballs. He has a chain the swoops down and led to his back pocket, where he keeps his wallet. Last are his shoes that are black and white converse style sneakers. Around his next is a red beaded necklace and he wears several black rings around his fingers.


Good Nature

Kaliff is your all around kind of guy. The one you don’t get to know if you don’t talk to him. Sometimes he comes off as a prick but this is not the case with him. He doesn’t believe in talking people down, unless they need to be put in their place. He hates to argue unless it’s the silly playful type. He doesn’t judge and let people speak for themselves.


Kaliff isn’t just another stoner who lay’s around. he like to put it to good use. He vey athletic and loves to exercise a lot. Loves to free run whenever he get the chance. He loves to stay active when there is nothing else to do. So he is usually always on the move.

Book Nerd.

Well Kaliff is far from a book Nerd, but he is very interested in finding out how things work. His grades where in the top 10 of his school, but you wouldn’t know by looking at him. He has great insight on Pokémon moves and how to combine them into never before seen ones. Well in theory at least. He likes to read up on tactic skills to help him in battle. He loves puzzles but this is not one of his favorite passions.


Kaliff is quite the dreamer. Every since he was little he could feel the push and the pull of the moon. He would always know if there was a full moon or not, without having to look in the sky. When it is a perfect end to a nice day, Kaliff loves to sit in the grass under the night sky and look at the stars. Wishing he could rest among the clouds. He always felt that there was something more out there them what he saw everyday on earth. He believes with all his heart that he’s not human, yet nothing has came about to prove it.

Head Strong

Kaliff know what he want in life and goes for it. Yet doubt will only come in to play when he is confused or doesn’t have all the right information. He is cut throat about his friends and Pokémon. And will take down anyone who mistreats them.


Besides playing the guitar, Kaliff also like to skateboard when he get the chance to. He is skilled at drawing and photography. When he isn’t doing any of that he like to go surfing.

Laid Back

When his go get them attitude doesn’t call for it, Kaliff is very laid back. He enjoys a good laugh and love to joke around with his friends. People say he has two different personalities, One who likes to go balls deep in battle, and one who drifts and adapts to life without much say so.


Kaliff grew up on Mandarin Island located in the Orange Islands. There he lived with both his parents, Mica and Nathan Leslie; along with his younger brother and sister who was twins named Grace and Gale. Life wasn’t hard for Kaliff his family was wealthy and his parents always wanted the best for their kids. In doing so they sent Kaliff to a private Pokémon academy called PokeThec when he was 12. There he spent his time learning about Pokémon and battle moves. It wasn’t until his second year he told people to call him Neal. This was because people always missed heard him and called him Caleb instead of Kaliff. During his time at school, Neal became popular for his good looks and skill in battle simulations. So girls would always be tailing around him. He never minded the attention but he made it clear to them that he didn’t like girls. The guys on the other hand loved his battle spirited and voted him Prime Tactics Master his last five years there. This was the title given to a student who won every battle in and battle simulation dome. Despite this, Neal never got the chance to raise his own Pokémon. It was always just books and theories in class. He knew that in real life Pokémon could reach full potential and not just be limited to computer stats. So it didn’t sit too well with him.

His mother works at the local Pokémon clinic helping sick Pokémon, so she was gone most of the time. His father worked for a corporation the design and test new pokeballs. He was usually late every night are stay over to do research at the lab. Even with his parents being gone he still loved them along with his younger siblings. So when his parents were out he always made sure that he would spend time with them.

After he graduated in the top 10 when he was 18, Neal took a trip to Jhoto with his friends. There they spent the year traveling around seeing the cities and taking in different cultures. It was at this time Neal wanted to set out on his own so that he could bond and train with Pokémon. He 1st stop was kanto. There he spent time devoted to cacthing and trianing his pokemon. After that he made he way to Honen in the hopes to train different types.

Pokemon Battle Summons

Name: Sky
Attacks: Blizzard, Thundershock, Dragon Rage, Focus Punch

*Sky is his very !st pokemon. She is shy around people she doesn't know unless, Neal like them 1st. When she is in Battle, she think's as if she doing a dance.

Name: Yuki
Attacks: Ice Beam, Giro Ball, Protect, Hyperbeam

* Unlike Sky, Yuki isnt forgivin in battle. Some time she would rather do her own thing instead of what Neal tells her to do.

Name: Ace
Attacks: Water Pluse, Spike Cannon, Aurora Beam, Supersonic

* Ace doesn't react to much when he is out his pokeball. he mostly sleeps and conserves his engery for the battle field. He was found as a shellder attached to sky's tail mistaking it for a slowpoke.

Name: Neon
Attacks: Night Slash, Air Cutter, Agility, Steel Wing.

* Neon loves Neal more than anything. He is over protective of him and his Pokemon.
He will not think twice before beating someone if he views them as a threat.

Name: Nova
Attacks, Flamethrower, Physic, Rock Slide, Solarbeam

* Hyper active little bugger. It is always whipping through the air on sunnydays. Yet when it is cloudy it will drift lazy aroun as if you weren't there. Neal from it stcuk in the crack of a cliff and pulled it out.

Name: Greed
Attacks: Dark Pluse, Shadow Punch, Hypnosis, Dream Eater

*Greed is the prankster. he like to play coax his enemy in battle. He is rarly serious in battle but when he get mad watch out. he followed Neal around in kanto as a Huanter until Neal Finally caught him.

Weapon: Two Kuni with chains attached to his back

If you need anything else or if anything is worng let m know~ THIS RP IS GOING TO BE SWEET~WHN DOES IT START~?

Roleplay Example


Out of the center of the door loomed out a Ghasty. It dark core sphere hosting a brilliant purple haze seeped through the door as if it was nothing.

Come on in it said. Catching Neal off guard.

“Woh…That ghastly just spoke..”

The Pokémon in this region must have evolved to the point they can learn human speech. Has the bond grown faster between humans and Pokémon in Laoki.

“…Cyeah” he grinned. Holding up his camera and snapping a quick picture. He thought it was mad at him, for its color became a slight ill green. Later to realize was because the smell of smoke was on him.

“Sorry about that” His soft rugged voice carried out.

He was now inside looking at the list of Pokémon he would choose from. He felt it queer to choose his partner off a checklist. Good selection in there line up. Not like most labs that would hand out three. So it was kind of hard to make and answer. His jade green eyes scrolled down to a Bagon and lower than that a Dratini. His family just adored Dragons. They were his favorite on the simulators at the academy. Grace and Gale his twin brother and sister both adored Bagon. Gale, more liking his full evolved form.

“Dra..” he was cut off at the Ghasty telling him that smoking was prohibited.

“Woh..Um..Yeah no problem.” giving off a silk smirk. Sort of laughing at himself, as if he would have done it without asking. He reached his hand to his face scratching the fine stubble hair on his cheek.

He was getting off to a bad start seemingly and Neal didn’t want that.

“Well Im Kaliff but you can just call me Neal.” His rugged voiced chimed out once more. This was crazy he thought. He was talking to a Pokémon. Something he never would have seen himself doing in life.

“Do you still have a Dratini here?” He asked now rubbing his fingers in his ginger-brown hair.

“But I was wondering… if I can get a shot of a Bagon before I do.” He grinned, eyes focus on Ghasty giant pupils.

“Only if that ok with the Prof.” He looked around for a bit. Where is the Professor, he thought. It was only at this time he heard faint snoring in the distance.…

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