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Default Re: Individual RP: Dragoness

OOC: Lucky you Shellos has a Nature that works to your advantage XD.


IC: Shellos, it seemed, was more than willing to come with us. It sniffled at Dragana's fingers as the Trainer recalled her Jolteon, giving a tiny little squishy-sounding squeal after a moment. When Dragana gently picked it up the seaslug started writhing around, not to get away, but in sheer happiness. It twisted its boneless body and grinned widely at Dragana, waving the fins on its rear and wriggling about.

"Seems like he likes you," I said with a chuckle. The little Pokemon made another wet-sounding squeal, managing to wiggle from Dragana's grip before sliding its way up her right arm, settling on her shoulder and looking quite pleased. I laughed at the sight, then cut it off with a snort and folded my arms, trying to look serious and most likely failing horribly.

"All right then, no more of this silliness. We're here to catch Pokemon! Let's head over that way," I added, unable to keep up the facade. I grinned and pointed roughly eastwards, marching off a moment later. Pokemon watched us, heads poking out of various pools, others still lazing around on the beaches. I stopped and turned back to Dragana. "You know, every time I come here, I get the strangest urge to leap into one of these little lakes and take a swim. Might actually do it later; it can get pretty hot here around noontime. And hey, sometimes you can find some nice Pokemon by swimming around." I finished my sentence at the same time I heard a watery plop behind me. I frowned and turned, just in time to have a squirt of water hit me square in the face. I sputtered and reached up, wiping my eyes and peering at where the jet had come from. In the pool several feet in front of me and slightly to my right, was a Tentacool. The jellyfish wiggled its two long, brown tentacles at me, the red gems set in either side of its large head pulsing. I glowered at the Pokemon and wiggled a finger at it.

"Now that's not very nice," I chided, but in reality I was hardly angry. In fact, that little squirt of water had been somewhat refreshing. "You should apologize." In response, the jellyfish shifted, its mouth rising out of the pool as it spat another Water Gun. I easily dodged this one, and Tentacool made an irritated sort of sound. "Hard to hit someone when they see it coming," I said with a shrug. Tentacool gave me a look of ire, then ducked its mouth back under the water. When it lifted it clear again, it spat a bigger Water Gun...right at Dragana! It wouldn't do any harm; the extra size was to give it the oomph needed to carry it across the distance separating Pokemon from Trainer.

"Incoming!" I hollered at Dragana, barely able to hide my smile.


Trainer Stats:

Name: Dragana Amonea
Money: 11,550
Location: Great Lakes

Area Effects:
Encounter Remaining- 12

Pokemon Stats:
-Serious Female Jolteon: (No EMs) <Volt Absorb Ability>

-Bold Male Machamp (TM Thunder Punch ; TM Ice Punch) <Guts Ability>

-Jolly Male Dragonite (TM Focus Punch) <Inner Focus Ability>

-Mild Female Weepinbell (No EMs) <Chlorophyll Ability>

Total Items: Parkballs x2 : Superballs x4 : Hyperballs x3 : Two Max Heal : One Full Heal : Ranger’s Delight : One Type Repellent

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Buizel {Encounter 1}
West Sea Shellos {Encounter 2}
Tentacool {Encounter 3}

Total Pokemon Captured:
Rash Female Buizel
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