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Default Re: [Tutorial] HG/SS Style Cartography (update: roaming markers tutorial)

Guide Update added a few new objects to the toolkit, all of which I ripped from the kanto map. I will probably make a bunch of custom objects for you to use as well. Any object requests will be completed in a timely fashion

Originally Posted by Hakken View Post

Ohgawd, island chains in this style = killer.
The white roads in the middle of the ocean isn't a mistake; those are bridges.
The small (crappy-looking) red markers are there to represent even smaller towns. Because there are a lot of villages.
Great job! I like the custom objects, and I don't think the small markers are crappy. They're good.

Originally Posted by SilverSwift View Post
Nice Tut Wario =3
Also Hakken Nice Outcome ;3

~ Swift
thanks for the feedback.
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