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Smile Re: Individual RP: Dragoness

"I agree," I spoke, nodding at Sara. Waving Snookerdoodle over, I put out my hand, gently petting the top of her sweat soaked head. "You did very well, thank you. I can't believe how well you battled! Well, actually I can, but still!" Snook smiled up at me, her lips parting to show rows of sharp teeth.

Casting my eyes from Snook and over the fine pebbles of sand and finally onto Buizel, I let out a small groan. "Buz," I said, feeling a pang in my heart for the Pokemon's sad condition. My normally cheerful, carefree face fell as I walked a couple feet to the little guy--well, girl.

"Look you poor thing. I know it's not, well, always the best thing to battle a Pokemon and bring it from the wild. But so many love it! And we can learn and help Pokemon by having them with us and studying them and talking to them. And if you don't like it, well, I'll let you go, okay?"

Not sure if Buizel cared or understood what I said, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small blue and gold sphere. A Park Ball. Pushing on the black dot in the middle, I allowed the ball to open as I gently tossed it through the air at Buizel. It stopped in mid-air, about an inch from the weakened creature. A minute later it shot out a flash of black-violet light as it attempted to suck Buizel into it.

"Think it'll work?" I asked Ranger Sara nervously.


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