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Default Re: Chaos Realm

Seth Wingate

Why Team Magma:
Seth likes Fire-type Pokemon and one of the reasons why he joined Team Magma is for its motives. After he heard about Team Aqua, he decided to put an end to them so he joined Team Magma.




Seth is a very quiet guy. He always keeps his secrets and feelings to himself so nobody knows that much about him. He doesn't like to show happiness with too much pressure. He can be joyful but he doesn't like to be so joyful that he'll start jumping up and down or something like that. He's a pretty good guy. He's a very hard worker and makes sure noone has to pay for his mistakes. He likes to go alone and doesn't like the idea of hostages or anything like that. He's doesn't like injustice, but he'll do it if he has to.

Sometimes Neutral, sometimes Good, sometimes Lawful, depends on the situation. He really just goes whichever way he wants to and it usually varies.

Seth was born in the Orre region at a hospital in a harbor called Gateon Port. He was the son of Marcus Wingate and Maddie Wingate. Just a few months after he was born, his parents gave him an Eevee. He loved it and always played with it. When Seth was four years old, his mother died from a deadly disease that had been going around. His father had trouble taking care of him but he hung on until Seth was eight years old, and then fled the house in the middle of the night.

Seth, with noone to care for him, packed up camping supplies, clothing, food, and other supplies and his Eevee and lived in the forest. He hunted for fish and other animals and sold them to buy the things he needed. He was able to buy Pokeballs, with which he caught a few Pokemon. One day, when he was out in the forest on a walk with his Chikorita, a Magma grunt saw him and ran over to him. He covinced Seth to follow him to the Team Magma headquarters.

There, Seth listened to Maxie tell him of Team Aqua and their abuse to Pokemon. Seth then decided to join Team Magma as an agent and help to defeat Team Aqua. He traveled around the world under the disguise of a Pokemon Trainer. He discovered plans of Team Aqua's, while at the same time, training his Pokemon and catching more.


Weapons if Any:

Seth always carries his weapons around with him, hidden.
Chikorita rocks!
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