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Default Re: Individual RP: Dragoness

"Determined little bugger," I muttered. Silently I wondered what nature this creature had, but I pushed those thoughts away. I couldn't waste time on that now.

"Snook! Your faster than that rodent! If you can't dodge the attack, than twist yourself around, so your hind end hits her!" I knew for a fact that Snookerdoodle has a very bony, hard butt. The amount of times she has sat on me with it testify to this. Privately, I was also hoping her spiked fur would either cushion her a bit or harm Buizel.

Jolteon was already moving before I finished my sentence. She jumped into the air, her body contorted, twisting itself around so her hard bones would smack into Buizel. Between her tackle attack and the Quick Attack, I could only hope she didn't get hurt too bad and Buizel didn't faint--though surely the impact would bring the wild Pokemon down a good bit. And besides, Buizel was paralyzed! She shouldn't be able to move around much at all and not very fast!

Right before the oncoming impact I thought of something. "Snook, if you haven't already, charge up your body! Make every fur on it electrified! If it doesn't hurt her, it should at least freeze her!"

Snookerdoodle's fur gleamed suddenly, each strand flashing white. Her golden locks sparkling, each inch of her blazing. I looked away from the sudden flashiness that came from my Pokemon and a thought occurred to me--would Buizel be blinded like I was by Jolteon's sudden charging up?

I then thought of asking Snook to use Thunder Wave again, but they were going at each other just a little too fast and it was too late for me to ask her to do that now. Besides, it hadn't stopped Buizel earlier, it might not stop her now.


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