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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Ranger Arunei
Great Lakes

I couldn’t really see what was happening, thanks to the Twister throwing sand all over the darn place. I could hear the screeching of the attack, and Dratini’s confused squealing. Then I noticed a sort of lavender hue coalescing around the stricken Dragon, enveloping her completely. In her frazzled state, the Pokemon didn’t notice it, instead thrashing about uselessly and screaming randomly.

Then her mind seemed to clear for a moment, as she was jerked into the air by an invisible force. With a startled hiss, the Dragon twisted her body around madly, trying to get away from whatever was picking her up. Her wide, crazed eyes spotted Alakazam, and she fell still for a moment as a maddened screech tore from her. It was loud enough to ring out over the din of her Twister.

Then something happened I wasn’t expecting, and apparently neither was the Dragon. Instead of being smacked into the ground or something, she was tossed right at her own attack. Dratini flailed around haplessly, emitting an angry cry as she was sucked into her Twister.

Apparently, it was enough to drive the Dragon insane. I couldn’t really tell much of what was happening after Alakazam got caught up in the whirlwind; there was too much sand and whirling of bodies. However, I did see several weak pulses of yellow-gold electricity lash out from within the Twister; in her confused, enraged state of mind, Dratini was firing off random Thunder Waves. At one point she was thrown into Alakazam with enough force to throw the Psychic out of the Twister, which ended a moment later and deposited the dazed Dragon on the sand. She blinked a few times, sluggishly, shaking her head in an effort to clear it.

And then, she fell still. Absolutely unmoving. I saw her eyes clear; she’d snapped out of her confusion. And now she was pissed. Her eyes narrowed as she drew about four feet of her thick, long body into the air, a low, dangerous hiss coming from her. She locked her gaze on Alakazam, and I could feel the malice directed at him. At the same time she was glaring hatefully at the Psychic, she started swaying from side to side, like a cobra about to strike. Slowly, a haze of red-blue energy formed around her, absorbing into her body a second later.

And then, quite suddenly, she coiled in on herself and braced her tail on the ground, then lunged straight up into the air. At a height of about ten or so feet she lost her momentum, arching her body and plummeting towards the ground. More specifically, towards Alakazam, and I knew that Dragon Dance-boosted Dragon Dive would hurt if it connected, especially after Dratini’s intimidating Leer.


-Quiet Male Alakazam: 45.22% (Special Attack +2, Special Defense +1, Defense -1)
-? Female Dratini: 28.32% [Attack/Speed +1] <Dragon Dive>


Trainer Stats:

Name: Khajmer
Money: 5,500
Location: Great Lakes

Area Effects:
Encounter Remaining- 14

Pokemon Stats:
-Quiet Male Alakazam (TM Shadow Ball, TM Substitute, TM Charge Beam, TM Focus Punch, TM Thunder Punch, TM Fire Punch, TM Ice Punch, TM Toxic, TM Skill Swap, TM Counter, TM Grass Knot) <Synchronize Ability> [Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle]

-Impish Male Shiftry (TM Aerial Ace, TM Sunny Day, TM SolarBeam) <Chlorophyll Ability>

Total Items: 3 Park Balls, 2 Super Balls, 2 Hyper Balls, Type Repellent

Total Pokemon Encountered: Dratini {Encounter 1}

Total Pokemon Captured: n/a
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URPG Stats/National Park Info/Coordinator Stats

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