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Smile Re: Individual RP: Dragoness

Snook, an experienced Pokemon, saw the oncoming attack. She didn't need me to yell out instructions. Leaning close to the ground, her muscles tensed, eyes narrowing on the ball of water coming at her. She then did something I did not expect and didn't even think of. Opening her mouth, a bolt of blindingly white electricity came out from it. It shot forward, striking the water and causing the white glob to flash golden-white as it became electrified. I wasn't sure if it really was electric now, but it looked it.

I could see her strategy. She had the ability Volt Absorb. In case the water attack did hit her, she was trying to make it become an electric attack! Thus, Volt Absorb would heal her for 25% of her maximum health!

"Smart Pokemon," I told Ranger Sara, who seemed absorbed in the battle. Grinning like a fool, I turned my own attention back to the battle.

Snookerdoodle had jumped jumped towards and under the flying water-electric bullet. A flash of light came from around her, I couldn't tell if she dodged the attack or not, but I called out to her anyway. "Use Tackle!" I said. I see what was going on, but I swear I saw her body jump forward at the Buizel, claws out and screeching a battle cry.

OOC: I thought it was a bit creative, trying to make the Water Gun become electric. Dunno if it worked though--I did say that I think the Thundershock attack hit the water attack, but I didn't say it was actually effective or not. I wasn't sure if its okay to say an attack hit another attack, as long as you don't say what really happened when the two collided...*shrug* :)

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