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Default Re: [Tutorial] HG/SS Style Cartography (edit: roaming marker tutorial)

Second post has been edited with a guide on roaming Pokemon markers.


Roaming Pokemon markers are easy to make, and will liven up your maps quite a bit. Use the blank circle template provided above to color in your marker. Color it in with the main color of the Pokemon you are making, and try to use bright (but not blinding) colors. For each color, don't use more than two shades or the simplicity will be ruined. Continue adding major details, but don't use more than 9 colors (including the outline and border). Once you're done, add a one pixel border around the entire marker in the off-white color provided. Remember, the template can be altered to fit your needs, but can be no bigger than the one shown. Below is an example of one of the roaming Pokemon markers actively placed on the map.
I will probably be adding some custom object guide or resource in the near future, or a custom marker guide.
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