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Default Re: Individual RP: Metallic Houndoom

Fighting fire with fire, eh? One of the oldest cliches in the book, granted, but most of the time it wasn't literal.

Gliscor leapt for Ampharos as his wide jaws gaped open and blazing fire snapped to life around his pointy fangs. Those same fangs chomped down on Ampharos a moment later, and the result was instantaneous. The inside of Gliscor's mouth wasn't protected from the fire around Ampharos' paw, and Ampharos wasn't protected from Gliscor's fangs. Both Pokemon recoiled from one another with cries of pain; Gliscor, because the inside of his jaws had been scorched, and Ampharos, because of the fangs that had dug into its paw.

Gliscor landed on his tail and rubbed at his lips, tears of pain prickling his eyes. He was Brave, but that didn't mean he couldn't feel the hurt. I felt bad for him, watching as he shouldered the pain and refocused on the battle. He lowered his pincers from his face and blinked away his tears, trying his best to ignore the Burn he'd gotten. I doubted any of his biting attacks would be very effective now and hoped Zack would realize that.

Ampharos, on the other hand, still hadn't recovered from the bite to its paw. As I watched, drops of bright red blood welled from the four bites. The electric sheep bleated and danced around, waving its injured paw through the air with hurtful little cries. Every so often a stray tendril of electricity jumped from it, so I moved back a bit more and sighed. I wanted to rush over and help the poor thing, but it wasn't in any immediate danger and in fact, I'd only be putting myself in trouble by trying to get close to it.

After a few seconds, the sheep focused on Gliscor and held its hurt paw close to its chest. Malice and fear glittered in the Pokemon's tear-blurred eyes, and it raised its good paw to the gem on its forehead. I knew what was coming a second before it happened; colorless power erupted from the pink-red jewel in a concentrated beam. The Power Gem was flying for Gliscor's face, and I figured Ampharos was attempting to strike the bat-scorpion's burn to cause more damage.

Meanwhile, Pikachu and Pachirisu seemed hesitant to get involved with the battle again. When Zack asked one of them to use Thunder Wave, the two exchanged nervous glances before scooting behind the young man's legs. I couldn't blame them, after getting blasted like they'd been by Ampharos' earlier Discharge. The two Pokemon clearly liked Zack, but apparently their wild instincts told them to like themselves more at the moment.



-Brave Male Gliscor: 75.63% [BRN, Attack halved]
-? ? Ampharos: 39.32% <Power Gem>


Trainer Stats:

Name: Zack
Money: 750
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 8

Pokemon Stats:
-Gentle Genderless Porygon-Z (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Hidden Power (Steel)) <Adaptability Ability>

-Brave Male Gliscor (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Earthquake, Stone Edge) <Hyper Cutter Ability> [Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle]
75.63% [BURN]

-Hasty Male Weavile (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: X-Scissor, Surf) <Pressure Ability>

Total Items: 2 Mega Puffins, 5 Max Potions, 9 Hyper Balls, Digital Camera

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Electrike {Encounter 1}
Grimer {Encounter 2}
Koffing {Encounter 3}
Pachirisu {Encounter 4}
Pikachu {Encounter 5}
Luxray {Encounter 6}
Ampharos {Encounter 7}

Total Captured Pokemon: Rash Male Electrike
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