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Cool Re: Individual RP: Dragoness

OOC: I dun stole Galleon's font color.


Someone once said to me, "Reflect as if you have all of time, even when time is short." Somehow I didn't think this would be very good to do in a battle, but listening to these words throughout the years had taught me to remain calm yet quick. I had once tried to pass this on to Snookerdoodle, yet she didn't need it--she was already a silent, serious 'mon. So I already had a battle plan forming before the rough water weasel charged at my Jolteon. I half expected Snookerdoodle to know what to do, she was an intelligent girl--"Smarter than you at times!" my sister would say.

"Snook!" I yelled, my thinking all done in a matter of seconds as I rapidly bellowed out orders. I took a moment to make sure she wasn't in any of the water herself, though on second thought, Jolteon being an electric Pokemon, it wouldn't bother her at all. "DON'T knock it out! BUT, it just soaked itself and the ground. Hit it with Tee-Dubya! It shouldn't harm her, or at least not very much. You're ten times faster than her, you can strike her before she reaches you!" The Thunder Wave attack should not cause real harm to Buizel--Thunder Wave was what 'Tee-Dubya' meant. Not all of Snookerdoodle's attacks were coded, just a few, but she knew them by heart.

"Also," I called out as Snookerdoodle eyed the oncoming Buizel, her eyes flickering with miniature lightning bolts again. "Use Thunder Shock again, but with a little less power than you would normally use." I placed emphasis on my last words, making it clear I did not want her to attack with full force. At the same time, I didn't want her to attack with barely any power, just not enough to knock Buizel out.

Snook opened her mouth, a sphere of golden light coming out of it. It fizzed at the edges, pulsing with energy as Jolteon released the Thunder Wave. It grew into a thin sheet of lighting as it flew at Buizel. I didn't know whether it hit or not, as the light was far too bright for me to see properly. I imagined Snookerdoodle could see clearly through her own attack and was doing her next one, Thunder Shock. I swear I could see a ball of yellow-white fire in her mouth, smaller than her last Thunder Shock. It seemed to grow and shrink as power went through it. Little strands of electricity sprung out from it, curling and twirling around themselves.

"I hope this works," I commented to Sara.

EDIT: OOC: I meant to mention this earlier and forgot--my Machamp doesn't have 92.10% health...:)

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