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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Name: Komo Rebi (Komorebi basically meaning Sunlight streaming through leaves)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: His personality is quite fitting with his name. Komo always tries to see the positive side of whatever comes his way. He sometimes is a bit too optimistic, however, and might not realise just how bad a situation is at times. His happy-go-lucky personality is infectious, but to some he comes across as annoying.

Description: Picture.

Pokemon Captured: None yet

Pokemon Natures:
  • Artemis (Yanmega/F/Calm Nature)
  • Victoria (Weavile/F/Serious Nature)

Park Items:
  • Parkball x8
  • Superball x4
  • Hyperball x2
  • Repellent x5
  • Max Potion x4
  • Full Heal x4
  • Pokedoll x2
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