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Default Chaos Realm (Still need some people. we are having a blast so far.)

Hi I am Xereau and I am new to online Rping I have Rped in real life with DnD and such and would like to give it a shot here. This is not my first time writing a game or GMing if that is what you want to call it. But I hope we have fun and I will be looking forward to this game and the cast that comes out. Thank you and have fun.

The Just
Civil war has broken out in the regions of the Pokémon world; every thing was peaceful till some trainers found the Chaos Spire. Each trainer being from deferent regions wanted to take the info back to there home and became greedy. John from Kanto, Xereau from Johto, Kim from Hoenn, Sara from Sinnoh. The spire is an ancient tool that was used to power the Gontel region; now that Gontel is gone the other regions will fight for the control of it. While the Regions fought for control Giovanni found the opportunity to rebuild Team Rocket to cease the Spire for his own purpose… world domination. With the regions in war no one notices that the Rockets are back except for Archie and Maxie who decide to rebuild there teams in order to take out the Rockets but will they be able to put old grudges aside to take them on or will they start a war between them selves. With the Regions at war, and the rockets fighting with Aqua and Magma. Now it is ten years later, what will you do? It is all up to you.
The main back story is in Xereau’s history. Don’t think that this is it.

Rules and Guidelines

1 No spamming.

2 Please keep OCC chat to a minimum Please.

3 Don’t god-mod.

4 Romance if you want to... keep it PG-13

5 Every post should have your character’s name, side, and location at the top. This is to make it easier to tell who is on what side, and differentiate between characters in case two or more are being used for the same post.

6 Please be on if you are a major part of the story, I know that life happens and I am not going to ask you to be on 24/7 Just PM me and your group if you will be gone for more than a week. Thank you.

7 You may have up to three characters in this game.

8 Have fun.

Factions YAY
Looking for Major parts here if you are interested in playing the head of the Government for Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh, Playing Archie or Maxie or Giovanni, of John, Kim, or Sara. I will be playing Xereau myself lol.

Team Rocket is now recruiting if you are interested in joining us please fill out the résumé below.
Why Team Rocket:
Alignment: Lawful Good Chaotic Neutral Ect…
Pokémon: Up to Six
Weapons if Any:
Other: Anything else you what to add.

Team Magma Wants you. Please fill out Application Below.
Why Team Magma:
Alignment: Lawful Good Chaotic Neutral Ect…
Pokémon: Up to Six
Weapons if Any:
Other: Anything else you what to add.

Team Aqua is looking for Employ Please Inquire Below.
Why Team Aqua:
Alignment: Lawful Good Chaotic Neutral Ect…
Pokémon: Up to Six
Weapons if Any:
Other: Anything else you what to add.

Join the army it is your calling.
Witch Army and Why: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh
Alignment: Lawful Good Chaotic Neutral Ect…
Pokémon: Up to Six
Weapons if Any:
Other: Anything else you what to add.

All Pokémon trainers must fill out there trainer’s cards.
Alignment: Lawful Good Chaotic Neutral Ect…
Pokémon: Up to Six
Weapons if Any:
Other: Anything else you what to add.

We are gonna top out the people at ten so for example: only 10 Pokemon trainers, only 10 rockets ect. head of the Government for Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Archie, Maxie, Giovanni, John, Kim, Sara, Gym leaders, elite four, all don't count toward the 10 max limit. Cannons do count toward the 10 limit. I will add more to the max if we fill up all spots first.
Okay so far we have:
Pokemon Trainers: 5
Rockets: 1
Magma: 1
Aqua: 0
Kanto forces: 0
Johto Forces: 0
Hoenn Forces: 0
Sinnoh Forces: 0
Kanto leader has been taken.

Here are my Character's Stats

Name: Xereau

Profession: Pokémon Trainer

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Description: 6’3” with long black hare and white bangs, He wears a White fedora with a black band on it and a silver feather in the band (from his skarmory) he has a long black trench coat with one of the tails cut off from a blade fight and a white under shirt with a black spade on the chest. He also sports long black chained pants and black and red checkered shoes. He wears several necklaces, rings, bracelets, and a watch made out of Steel.

Personality: Xereau looks serious most of the time when in actuality he is very fun loving and impulsive however being loyal to his friends keeps him from doing mostly bad things. He is not afraid to speak his mind and often times he will say what needs to be said. He can be reckless mainly because not many people know where he stands.
Quote All I need are my friends to move forward.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

History: Xereau’s and the main Back Story.

“Hey Xereau, what’s up?” Shouted John as Xereau Left the dragon’s den in Black Thorn.
“Oh hi Jack, I didn’t think that you were going to be here I thought you were going to Hoenn?”
“Well I was but I decided to do something better as a last hurrah before I escort Kim home.” John explained.
“That sounds like fun but what are we going to do?”
“We are going to go to the Gontel Region or what is left of it any way.” Sara chimed in.
“Are you sure I can go I am only ten years old?” Xereau stated.”
“You may be ten but you have also taken out all of the Johto and Hoenn Gym leaders. You are a prodigy.” Kim said walking up behind Xereau.
“So you are all behind this huh? Fine I’ll go too; this may be the last time I see any of you before to long. You are all so much older than me as it is.” Xereau said starring at them all thankfully.
“Okay we leave in the morning then.” Said John as they left for there hotel.

Two weeks later they have searched high and low through the ancient Gontel Region, and found nothing no people, no Pokémon and there food supplies went low.
Then they found it. The Chaos Spire, inside the spire they found food water and supplies they also found that the Spire was once the thing that gave power to the whole Gontel Region so they decided to stay for a while and find out it’s secrets.

One week after that they found out how to work the Spire and got it running it supplied too much power for what electronics they have and they all blew up.

“With this much power we could run the Spire for all of there regions and more.” John explained.
“We need to share this with the world it could help us all out!” Xereau said excitedly.

They remained there for another three weeks but as time went on the older of the trainers went mad and greed slowly took over.

“Why don’t you three take off you could use the rest and I can take over from here.” Said Kim
“And let you run off to your Hoenn and tell them about the spire so you can have it for your self. No thanks.” John replied
“Yeah we of Sinnoh need it more.” Said Sara.
“No,” Exclaimed John, “I will take the Spire for Kanto.”
“What happened to sharing it with the world?” Asked Xereau.
“You just want it for Johto don’t you Xereau, Just get out!” Shouted Kim.
The three of them pulled out there Pokémon as Xereau headed for the door of the Spire. “I thought we were friends?” Xereau said as he left for Jhoto, alone.

Of course the other three went to there home Regions and told there governments of there discovery of the spire and soon Kanto, Sinnoh, and Hoenn where in war for the Chaos Spire. Johto did not find out about the Chaos Spire when they were attacked by Kanto, in retaliation Johto announced that they would fight for control of the Spire and they recruited Xereau into the army.

Giovanni saw this war as the perfect time to rebuild Team Rocket, he started building and went to the Chaos Spire with a few of his Grunts to find out more about it. They found out that it was more than just a power supply but a super weapon that he could use for world domination. He and his Grunts left the Spire just in time, some Solders from Sinnoh were on there way in and his team was not big enough to take on the army.

After a few weeks a Teem Rocket Grunt was seen on his way back from gathering supplies by an Ex-Team Aqua Grunt, so he decided to see what he was up to. He followed the Rocket into his lair and found out about the Spire’s true power and left to find Archie. He found Archie at a Café talking with Maxie, after they found out what was going on they decided to fight the Rockets so that a calamity similar to the one that they almost unleashed again. They start to recruit new and old Aqua and Magma agents to combat the Rockets.

Three months into the war Xereau was confronted by a Kanto solder who was not going to let him go with out a fight. They had a battle and Xereau took out all of the Kanto solders Pokémon however when all was said and done when Xereau went to help the solder up the solder pushed Xereau to the ground then shot and killed all of Xereau’s Pokémon but just when he went to kill Xereau two people ambushed the solder and took him out then they grabbed Xereau and ran for it, Xereau passed out in one of there arms.

Xereau woke up two weeks later with his father sitting at his bed side.
“He’s awake!” Shouted his father
Then two people entered his room one of them being Steven Stone the old Champion of Hoenn, the other he did not recognize.
“Who are you?” Asked Xereau
“I am Steven, Steven Stone and this is Riley.”
“These are the people who helped you Xereau” Said his father. “We are in a place away from the war just outside of Johto called the Battle Zone.”
“Thank you for saving me… How are my Pokémon, my friends?”
“I am sorry Xereau, They didn’t make it.” Said Riley with a sad tone.
After that Xereau didn’t talk for a week until he sat out in the rain moping when he saw a Magnamite sad and alone, he ran over to the Magnamite and took it in. Naming it Envy he decided it was time to do some solo training in America (Where he was born) for a new start. Before he left he was given two gifts one was a Beldum from Steven and the second was an egg from Riley in hopes that he will have luck for his new start. Now ten years later he returns to the war to see if he can stop it.

Name: Envy
Xereau’s first Pokémon aside from his previous party.
Personality: Bold
Move list: Magnet Rise, Lock on, Zap cannon, Magnet bomb.

Name: Gluttony
Xereau’s second Pokémon given to him by Steven stone.
Personality: Calm
Special abilities: Soul link (allows Xereau and other people understand what Pokémon are saying.
Move list: Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Psychic, Magnet Rise

Name: Eclipse
Xereau’s Third Pokémon Given to him by Riley, This Lucario Evolved in the middle of the night witch is why they call him eclipse.
Personality: Relaxed
Special abilities: Can speak English.
Move List: Aura Sphere, Extreme Speed, Close Combat, Flash Cannon

Name: Sloth
Xereau’s Forth Pokémon, Caught
Personality: Sassy
Move List: Steel Wing, Fly, Roost, Iron Tail

Name: Pride
Xereau’s Fifth Pokémon, Caught
Personality: hasty
Move List: Surf, Metal claw, Hydro Pump, Drill Peck.

Name: Wrath
Xereau’s Sixth Pokémon, Caught
Personality: Rash
Move list: Iron Head, X-Scissor, Night Slash, Razor Wind

Weapons if Any: Duel swords and duel pistols.

Other: N/A


Allright I am throwing in Legendaries, woot. Here is how it will work. There are Easy Legendaries witch the game defines as Rare Pokemon, examples would be Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. These Pokemon are not as Powerful as Legendaries such as Mewtwo. So if you decide to get a game defined Rare you can have one. but Legendaries such as Mewtwo go to people who are part of the main story. Here is the list of Pokemon PM me the one or ones you wish to reserve this is a first come first come basis so don't get upset if yours is taken. I will decide when you will run into your legendary, By RPing as it you will get it I will just make it challenging.

Game Defined Rare (only one)


Zapdos- Lt.Surge
















Legendary Pokemon (Only one and only if part of main story.)
















Mewtwo, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus all have a part in the story line and can not be captured.

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