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Default Re: Individual RP: Dragoness

I smiled a little as Dragana let out a Jolteon and launched into battle. First order of the day was Agility. Apparently, Dragana wanted her Pokemon to move so fast it spontaneously combusted. I watched the Jolteon tighten her muscles, then visibly relax. Buizel watched the show with open disdain, rolling her shoulders in a manner that clearly stated she didn't care how fast Jolteon could move.

Next up, Thundershock. Dragana's Pokemon, moving with astounding speed, lunged for Buizel. The little weasel danced backwards several steps as Snookerdoodle landed in front of her, jaws craning open while an orb of yellow-white electricity formed behind her fangs. She then unleashed the attack, tendrils arching from the beam and flying towards Buizel.

The little weasel didn't seem worried. In fact, she seemed angry that Snookerdoodle was holding back. Buizel flung her arms into the air with a loud snarl, and a funnel of water erupted from the pool closest to her. The water engulfed her after a second, and had such momentum it carried her forward with great speed. Buizel's Aqua Jet met Snookerdoodle's Thundershock head on, and even though the attack was conducted by the water around her, Buizel didn't let it stop her. The Aqua Jet was knocked a little off-course, though, and only clipped Snookerdoodle on her right side. Her attack spent, Buizel hit the ground on all fours as the Aqua Jet petered out, the funnel collapsing to the ground and sending water flying. Shaking herself, Buizel bared her sharp little teeth in a growl before charging forward, not even taking the time to rest from Snookerdoodle's first attack.

"Wow," I said, mostly to myself. "That's one tough, determined little Buizel."


-Serious Female Jolteon: 92.10%
-? Female Buizel: 54.14% <Tackle>


Trainer Stats:

Name: Dragana Amonea
Money: 11,550
Location: Great Lakes

Area Effects:
Encounter Remaining- 14

Pokemon Stats:
-Serious Female Jolteon: (No EMs) <Volt Absorb Ability> [Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle]

-Bold Male Machamp (TM Thunder Punch ; TM Ice Punch) <Guts Ability>

-Jolly Male Dragonite (TM Focus Punch) <Inner Focus Ability>

-Mild Female Weepinbell (No EMs) <Chlorophyll Ability>

Total Items: Parkballs x3 : Superballs x4 : Hyperballs x3 : Two Max Heal : One Full Heal : Ranger’s Delight : One Type Repellent

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Buizel {Encounter 1}

Total Pokemon Captured: n/a
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