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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Anime: Read or Die OVA
Watched: All 3 eps
ESRP rating: Everyone to Teen
Genre: Action

Yes it's licensed. No the TV series is not licensed. Nothere aren't that many torrents on the TV series. No, the TV series doesn't really have too much to do with Read or Die except the fact that the TV series is the "sequel".


Yomiko-chan is kawaii!!!! Okay back to the actual rating, the animation has good flow and is just plain decent. Yeah sometimes the styling does get onto my nerves at times. But IMO it's still good enough animation. No complaints.



The story is about Yomiko Readman, a secret agent working for the British Library (and she's a substitute teacher :D). Her alias is "The Paper". She basically goes around doing missions for the British Library, and she's stylin' with that suitcase and her awesome paper powers (it sounds cheesy, but it's cooler than that).

This OVA is just a single mission (essentially).



Whatever. 3 Episodes really can't do much in terms of character development. Joker's cool tho, and same with The Paper. So I'll just give an 8 and move on.



Paper power is extremely cool. Aside from that, the plot for this OVA is really cool also.



Fun, and action filled. Man, Yomiko's such a wussie, but what the heck she's cool nonetheless.


42/50 or 8.4

Coolest cellphone ever. Period. And I fear papercuts now. XD

- Kenny "Reading Rampage" C.
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