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Default Re: Does anyone still play this?

I'm unable to due to none of my game boy and Nintendo Gamecube and DS systems failure to work properly. Well only the Gameboy Advance SP which shuts off every time I place it down. Still needs a new battery. Don't know how much I can stress this but it hasn't worked well at all in the past 2-3 years and the Nintendo Gamecube isn't plugged up and I have nowhere to plug it in. I'd still need to play the games because I am not finished with them as I've never reached the Battle Frontier in Emerald and the Nintendo DS system has no way to be charged with a broken charger so I'm pretty much stuck without any heavy duty game playing. All it is is my broken computer, the TV, internet, and my iPod and that's pretty much it and my attempt at getting Wifi since I don't really know how to get it either.