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Default Pokemon: Uprise of the Legendaries

This RP takes place in the Kanto, Johto, and Hoen regions... The main story is that the world has been normal, as normal as the pokemon world can be, but something has happened... The climates all over the world have been changing drastically, from hot to cold, and snowing to raining etc... this has been occuring throughout the Regions... All the signs of the Legenday pokemon, throughtout the regions have been taking place... as if they are all ready to awaken, to change the world as it is now... and the Trainers of today may be responsible, in shaping that future...

In this RP, you can be whoever you want... if there is a character that exists in the show, then you can be them, or you can create your own character to enter this worldwide journy... this takes place during the advanced series...

Even if you are already a created character, you must fill out this sign up form... in order to have Gym leader as your occupation, you must be one of the existing Gym Leaders(Exception for anyone who will want to be Gary)

(NO ONE KNOWS OF THE LEGENDARIES AWAKENINGS... although, reaserchers may have a suspicion)



Name: ?
Age: ?
Gender: ?
Appearance: ?
Pokemon: ?(only 4 to start, others may be stored in your PC)
Occupation: ?(Trainer, Reasercher, Nurse...)
Origin: ?(Kento, Johto, Hoen)
Other Info: ?


Name: Lance
Age: 20?
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Dragonite, Red Gyarados, Flygon
Occupation: Indigo League Champion
Origin: Johto (Blackthorn city)

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