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Default Re: Lusankya's Art Gallery

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
Dude, you're already better than me, so while there's always room for improvement, I can't really think of what at the moment. XD

I think the one of Jetstream was really creative. I mean, I've always thought they were shaped like jets, but never thought of actually making them into jets. ^^
And I like the Templar one too. The perspective on that thing makes it look massive! Nice going.
Thanks XD I strive (sometimes obsessively so) for originality.

Anyways, here's that Latias image I was talking about earlier:

Fallen Angel

Art Gallery
Dali: "I know what the picture should be ... We take a duck and put some dynamite in its derriere. When the duck explodes, I jump and you take the picture."
Halsman: "Don't forget that we are in America. We will be put in prison if we start exploding ducks."
Dali: "You're right. Let's take some cats and splash them with water."

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