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OOC:Why do I get the strange feeling that somebody is copy+pasting RP posts? xD


"Sweet!" I almost yelled. I had to keep my voice down, no need to scare away anymore Pokemon. Slipping the sunglasses on, I saw the world darken. It was still pretty and bright, but not nearly as harsh on my sensitive eyes. "Good idea, bringing these, Ranger...?" I let the question slide as I took in the beauty of the lakes. It was then I remembered something, I had brought along for myself and my Ranger.

Slipping a hand into a small black pack at my side, I pulled out a bottle of SPF40. Rubbing the sunscreen on my arms, neck and face, I offered some to my Ranger. "This is SUCH a wonderful place!" I chit-chatted. "I mean, really, how many times do you get to spend in a park, with lots of beautiful lakes, Pokemon and everything on a perfect day!? Oh," I quickly changed the subject. My sister, Wikka Amonea (not that she often used her first name, for fear of being teased) said switching subjects like a grasshopper was a bad trait I had. In fact, it was thinking of her that made me switch subjects.

"My sister, Ranger Amonea works here! Do you know her?" I asked excitedly. While waiting for my ranger to reply, I walked forward several feet towards the nearest lake, feeling the warm sand crunch under my sandals. My happy grin widened--was it me or I see a Pokemon poke its head out of the water, all curious like?
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